Solutions For Small Business Mobile Security

Businesses are faced with new chances for growth and endeavors because of the incredible rise in the popularity of mobile phones. Consequently, employees have become very dependent on their wants of being able to operate business applications, to work with data on their own mobile phone, and to view their emails. This scenario became known as BYOD which means Bring Your Own Device.

Employees can do their jobs even if they are not in the office if they are provided with necessary tech tools. This is one of the benefits that employees may obtain from their employers who are managing small or middle-sized businesses.…

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4 Truths Which Spur Growth Through Mobile

Mobile has become a global force to be reckoned with. People now have been two or three devices, and are apparently becoming addicted in particular to their smartphones.

With the growth in BYOD (bring your own devices) over the past five years small businesses are now able to hire dispersed staff located remotely, globally, as well as from a home or assigned virtual hub through secure systems.

4 Truths Which Spur Growth Through Mobile

Here are four tips which outline why a mobile device strategy is the right choice in order to give you extra dynamism, keep staff and project contractors connected and maintain productive remote business affairs:


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Some Of The Best Industries for Starting a Small Business Today

In a lot of cases, small businesses are launched by first time entrepreneurs who have experience in the exact type of business they are launching. Many times, the new business owner has worked for a similar business in the past, decides they have enough experience to “be the boss,” and sets out on their own.

Some Of The Best Industries for Starting a Small Business Today

But there is another way to decide on what type of small business to launch that might heighten your chances of success. Choose an industry where small businesses have had a lot of recent success, spend some time researching and learning about this industry and small businesses in general on websites such as

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Fancy Hands: The Personal Assistant You’ve Always Wanted

Fancy Hands: The Personal Assistant You've Always Wanted

In 2012, small business owners worked 42 percent more hours per week than five years ago. When running a business it’s easy to let your to-do list get out of hand; especially for those annoying tasks like scheduling appointments, sitting on hold for a customer service agent or even researching local vendors.

You may have always dreamed about having a personal assistant to whom you could delegate these mundane tasks but knew you couldn’t afford it.

Until now”¦

Let me introduce you to Fancy Hands, your new virtual assistant. For $25, $45 or $65 per month depending on the number of tasks you would like to pass along to them.…

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5 Smartphone Apps CEOs Shouldn’t Ignore

smartphone apps for CEOsEverywhere you look, people are doing something with their phones. They are either texting someone, or they are using one of the thousands of apps available.

Small business CEOs need to have access to their office even when they aren’t in them.   Here are some smartphone apps to help you out.

1. iTerminal – One thing any company needs is the ability to get paid. The iTerminal app will allow you to accept credit card payments right from your iPhone. All you have to do is enter the information in the easy to use interface and it will process the payment immediately.…

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Top 5 Small Business iPhone Apps

iPhone small business apps

Small business owners have to make the most of every minute to be successful. Blackberry says their smartphones allow you to reclaim an additional 60 minutes of downtime every day (that’s 250 hours each year!) and with these 5 apps on your iPhone you may be able to do even better.

QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite takes the iPhone to a whole new level, approaching the functionality of a personal computer. Quickoffice includes Word, Excel, PDF viewers and image viewing. The foundational programs essential on every desktop, are offered to iPhone users. The app offers pristine features, and easy access to the files saved on the phone.…

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27 Twitter Applications Your Small Business Can Use Today

twitter small business appsTwitter is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds lately.   It seems like everyone is talking about Twitter.   The neat thing is that everyone seems to use Twitter in their own unique way.   Hundreds of Twitter applications can be found on numerous sites that offer cool tools to help you manage the way you use Twitter.   If you use Twitter for marketing your small business, I sorted thru tons of apps to bring you the most helpful.   Feel free to suggest other Twitter apps, for business owners, below in the comments.

Twitter Toolbar – Downloading this free toolbar gives you instant access to Twitter.  …

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