Top 5 Small Business iPhone Apps

iPhone small business apps

Small business owners have to make the most of every minute to be successful. Blackberry says their smartphones allow you to reclaim an additional 60 minutes of downtime every day (that’s 250 hours each year!) and with these 5 apps on your iPhone you may be able to do even better.

QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite takes the iPhone to a whole new level, approaching the functionality of a personal computer. Quickoffice includes Word, Excel, PDF viewers and image viewing. The foundational programs essential on every desktop, are offered to iPhone users. The app offers pristine features, and easy access to the files saved on the phone. No iPhone is complete without it.

Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant keeps track of financial, travel and email accounts, and accumulates all of the important data from these accounts into one app. It is one of the only apps available that can collect such a large variety of information into one easy to read window. This app is directed toward anyone who has many accounts and information to keep track of. It makes keeping track of these accounts very easy.

Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant is everything and more than one would expect from a tasks app. It includes the perfect calendar feature, a versatile “to do” tab which links to the calendar, four different types of reminder systems, and so much more. Any iPhone or iPod Touch user tired of sub-par calendars and task apps should go buy this app right now.

AT&T Virtual Receptionist

AT&T Virtual Receptionist is the perfect tool for small business owners. This small app allows users to set-up a toll-free number that goes directly to their iPhone or other number of their choosing. The app does not need to be open in order for this call forwarding to work. Also users can make outbound calls while blocking their number. Users are given 60 free minutes each month and can purchase more for a small fee.


Evernote is an app that can be used to take notes in three different ways: text, picture, and audio. It’s best features include: saving the GPS location of any note taken and desktop-internet access to the notes. This notes app includes all of the features one would need from an app in its category.

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14 Comments Top 5 Small Business iPhone Apps

  1. Dawn

    Interesting apps. I may have to try the AT&T app listed here. Nice idea to have one toll free number to give out to clients while still keeping your cell number private. And, it’s free. Definitely worth a try I think.

  2. Ethan Bull

    These are all great apps… especially for assistants trying to help their bosses simplify their working lives AND not let anything “slip through the cracks”. Thanks for the list.

  3. paul

    1. “DocumentScanner” – 5 stars, I think it’s the more used by me, let me forget about taking notes, hurry when people clean the whiteboard, and let me organize the photos in nice PDF, send to my inbox, GoogleDocs or the best iDisk! (Google Docs doesn’t let upload of PDF of more than 3 pages, sigh!).

    2. “Things” – 4 stars, if you have a Mac also, the couple of iPhone+Mac application is really a must! You can use GTD style or a more informal one. Only 4 stars because it’s missing the sub-project feature at the moment

    3. “EveryNote” – 3 stars, if you don’t want to get Things, EveryNote is at least needed


  4. david

    I am trying to find out about ezshare pro, is it a good business app. i hear a lot of great reviews about it. Thinking of buying it for my company. Any thoughts?

  5. Richard P

    ezshare pro is a great app. It is not completely bug free however, expect it to crash when dealing with larger files. I definitely think it will be a must have once they work the kinks out.

    Also, anyone heard anything about “hr at your fingertips”? Found it while hunting around and wanted to hear if anyone that knows about HR could tell me if its worth anything so I can have my manager get it.

  6. Franklin

    I work for a 50 person company and made all us sales guys purchase an iPhone app called OrgChart. Not only is it a productive tool for managing my clients but our company ended up adopting the application to manager the internal organization structure. Whether you find the App useful or not, I just find it really amazing what the iPhone ecosystem has done for small businesses. Can you imagine paying $1.99 for an app like this 5 years ago?


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