Some Of The Best Industries for Starting a Small Business Today

In a lot of cases, small businesses are launched by first time entrepreneurs who have experience in the exact type of business they are launching. Many times, the new business owner has worked for a similar business in the past, decides they have enough experience to “be the boss,” and sets out on their own.

Some Of The Best Industries for Starting a Small Business Today

But there is another way to decide on what type of small business to launch that might heighten your chances of success. Choose an industry where small businesses have had a lot of recent success, spend some time researching and learning about this industry and small businesses in general on websites such as and, and then start your business to fulfill the niche in that industry that you think is the most ripe for success.

Here are some of the best industries for starting a small business today:


Over the past few years, the prevalence of smartphones and tablets has exploded. And with that explosion has come the now-huge industry of apps, leaving plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Just take a look at the vast amount of apps in the Google App Store or the iTunes App Store, and you will see that they range from entertainment apps such as games, to apps for booking travel, to pretty much anything you can think of.   This also opens up a great niche for software developers looking to start their own small business by developing apps for others.

Internet Marketing Agency

No matter how much technology changes, one thing that just about every business will always need is marketing. Without great marketing, it is almost impossible to succeed in any industry. And nowadays, another thing that basically every business needs is a great web presence.

Without it, you will find it very difficult to make your business grow. So why not start a small business that fulfills both of these needs to help other businesses succeed, especially when owning an internet marketing agency can be so profitable and rewarding.

Residential Repair Services

Whether it is because of the down economy or the increased emphasis on being more environmentally conscious, people are becoming more and more open to the thought of having their possessions repaired as opposed to just replacing them. Additionally, the increased hours that workers are being forced to put in in order to keep their jobs has left them with less time to fix things themselves. Because of these factors, residential repair services such as plumbing, carpet cleaning, and electrical work have been growing steadily over the past few years.


From gyms to in-home fitness trainers to apps that help you keep tabs on your workout routine by giving you advice and tracking your performance, the fitness industry is a great area to explore if you want to start your own small business. Wellness has gotten a lot of publicity over recent years, with the government putting restrictions on things that it deems unhealthy, while increasing the amount of information it puts out with regards to things like obesity. This has had a clear effect on the general population, and has led to a steady increase for businesses in the fitness industry.

Josh Weiss-RoesslerAbout The Guest Author: Josh Weiss-Roessler is a freelance writer who frequently writes about and for small businesses and entrepreneurs. As co-owner of Weiss-Roessler Writing, he knows firsthand what it’s like to start and grow your own business, and loves sharing that knowledge with others. Along with his wife, baby son, and two adorably annoying dogs, he lives and works in Austin, TX.

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