Fancy Hands: The Personal Assistant You’ve Always Wanted

Fancy Hands: The Personal Assistant You've Always Wanted

In 2012, small business owners worked 42 percent more hours per week than five years ago. When running a business it’s easy to let your to-do list get out of hand; especially for those annoying tasks like scheduling appointments, sitting on hold for a customer service agent or even researching local vendors.

You may have always dreamed about having a personal assistant to whom you could delegate these mundane tasks but knew you couldn’t afford it.

Until now”¦

Let me introduce you to Fancy Hands, your new virtual assistant. For $25, $45 or $65 per month depending on the number of tasks you would like to pass along to them.

Busy small business owners like yourself can email, call, go online or use a mobile app to submit a request in order to lighten your load. Let me go through an example to help you see exactly how you can use Fancy Hands to get more things done.

Situation: You have been meaning to purchase a new computer for your office but because of other work demands you haven’t had any time to research and review your options.

Solution: Login to Fancy Hands and submit a request for your assistants to find you online reviews for desktop computers within your price range along with links to purchase them online.

Time saved, problem solved, tasks completed. For more examples of common tasks ranging from setting up a meeting with your accountant to ordering flowers for your anniversary go here.

Are you beginning to see how this service can assist you with those small, sometimes annoying and yet important business tasks?

It doesn’t matter where or if you even studied business management, every small business CEO knows that there is not enough time in the day to accomplish all of the tasks you need to complete.

Let Fancy Hands take on some of those tasks – especially the small ones – that take up way too much of your valuable time. You will be glad you did. Then you can finally focus on running a successful business and maybe having a little bit more free time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

About The Guest Author: Grant Tilus is responsible creating content for the school of business blog at Rasmussen College. Along with being a user of Fancy Hands he loves helping small business owners operate more efficiently and successfully.


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