Enhancing Workforce Performance Through Reliable Mobility Usage

Enhancing Workforce Performance through Reliable Mobility Usage

Business structures today are more and more compelled to encourage their workers to communicate and collaborate any time, anywhere, through the use of any connected device. The rise of the telecommunications industry and its technological advancements are increasingly turning into a foundation to enable these capabilities.

Signal boosters/mobile repeaters for reliable mobility

Your business location and your choice of phone service provider can determine whether you have a reliable signal or are struggling to make coherent phone calls. The ability to go from one bar of service up to the optimal number of bars can be the signifier of whether or not your mobility usage is contributing reliably to your business.

According to the FCC, there are still gaps in signal reception despite 99.6% of U.S. residents being covered by mobile service, and boosters can reduce this problem.

So how important is reliable mobility?

  • Improved communication between field and office personnel

Some businesses require a technician to go to the field and address costumer concerns, or fix certain situations on business sites. These technicians often use some kind of mobile workforce management software that requires continuous connection. Choppy signal, especially when in far-flung locations, can be a problem and can disrupt seamless flow of communication between field and office personnel.

Having a signal booster to amplify reception even when in remote locations allows managers to reach their technicians and direct work orders, eliminating the need for a back-and-forth between the field and the office.

  • Increased availability to customers

Nobody wants to be the organization whose reputation to customers is the one with the office phone that keeps on ringing and ringing to no avail. Customers are becoming increasingly demanding, and nothing is more irritating and damaging to customer relations than being difficult to reach for concerns.

Since users are available through mobile for multiple hours (if not 24/7) on a day-to-day basis, opportunities to reach relevant customers are also increased. This is also why businesses can rely on mobile-friendly service features to gain a competitive edge against peers.

  • Better customer service

Once you are engaged with a customer, maintaining a clear flow of communication is important in order to address and resolve issues. If your signal begins to fluctuate, or if your call gets terminated due to signal disruptions, customers may become even more agitated.

Either way, this will be costly to your business due to the time and effort that will be required to perform a callback and reestablish rapport.

  • Increased employee productivity and collaboration

For a manager, anticipating workforce issues, such as tardiness or absences, is important to ensure operational continuity at all levels of the business. Handling other forms of emergency calls is a common occurrence as well, something that can be detrimental to parties concerned if not addressed due to weak phone signal issues.

Signal reception within the office can be improved through the installation of the appropriate booster. This way, gaps in communication can be significantly reduced and the organization can function as expected.

Also, in businesses where traveling is a frequent and a necessity, a reliable connection allows for constant contact and effective collaboration among workers in the office and the field.

  • Streamlined business processes

As with the previous example, having a secure signal ensures that information pertinent to business operations is received and relayed efficiently. For example, delivery systems can be managed better if a signal booster is installed in the service vehicle. This allows concerned executives to reach personnel easily for shipment status updates.

Adopting workforce optimization technologies, like mobile repeaters, is a winning organizational practice. Empowering your people, however, doesn’t only mean investing in necessary software or other cloud-based tools to foster collaboration. Workforce empowerment also entails providing your personnel with a solid and reliable foundation to anchor their very basic communication needs on.

About the Author:

Hazel Mae Pan is a freelance writer currently working in tandem with MyAmplifiers.com, a leading mobile phone booster provider. MyAmplifiers.com offers signal amplifier variants suitable for small office locations, big company buildings, or even company vehicles.

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