Is Your Social Media Campaign Falling on Deaf Ears?

As with any campaign your business runs, how it is received by customers goes a long way in determining whether or not it will be successful.

In the event you’ve orchestrated a social media campaign and it has fallen on deaf ears for the most part, there is a reason to focus in on as to why that’s the case.

is your social media efforts falling on deaf ears

Presumably, your company’s reasoning for using social media in the first place is more than likely at fault. Before you dump the social media campaign, ask yourself:

  • What was our goal with social media in the first place?
  • Did we put 100 percent behind the plan or was it a half-hearted effort?
  • Were too many people or not enough involved in our social media efforts?
  • If we don’t use social media, how will we reach out to current and potential customers?

Most social media campaigns that end up failing do just that for more than one reason. If your company’s SM efforts are failing or have failed, don’t necessarily throw in the towel. Take the time to rethink your strategy and determine how you can best go about getting your message out there through social media.

In the event you’re looking for answers as to why SM isn’t working for your company, consider the following:

  • Are you making social media communication a two-way street? If you’re tweeting or sharing information with customers, are you responding to their inquiries and any problems they may be having? Customers will quickly become irritated if they’re reaching out to you via social media and you’re ignoring them;
  • Are you half-heartedly engaging in SM? If you have a social media presence but you only engage in it from time to time, of course you’re putting yourself behind the eight ball. Whether it is tweeting or sharing content with customers, your content needs to be updated regularly. Posting once in a blue moon not only shows your company’s lack of interest, but you can quickly lose followers and friends by doing such;
  • Are you posting the right information? Whether it is you or the head of marketing in charge of company Facebook and Twitter accounts, your social media efforts need a direct and decisive voice. Don’t tweet or share details that are not going to benefit the company. Personal accounts should be just that, while company accounts should reflect upon what message the company is looking to convey;
  • Are you in it for the long haul? Too many small businesses struggle at first getting the right social media plan in place, then reduce their efforts or abandon them altogether. Big mistake! We’re really just at the tip of the iceberg with social media; it will in all likelihood continue expanding over time. If you pack it in now, imagine what your business could be missing out on down the road?

Your company’s social media efforts are in effect one more way for you and your employees to advertise your company and its products and services.

Given that it is essentially free, why wouldn’t you want to be social with your customers?

About The Guest Author:   Dave Thomas writes extensively for, an online resource destination for businesses of all sizes to research, find, and compare the products and services they need to run their businesses.


2 Comments Is Your Social Media Campaign Falling on Deaf Ears?

  1. Shilpi Singha Roy

    Great post. You are right. Social Media is not a platform to deliver sales pitch. It’s not about talking about yourself. Listening to the audience to find out their needs and then responding to them to fulfill those can result in a healthy relationship in between the business and its customers. And Social Media is the right place to practice that.

  2. Mike Bluestone

    Another question could be “do you have a mobile website?” Its not going to play a major factor but the truth is the vast majority of web browsing occurs on mobile phones so if your goal is to direct people to your website you could be loosing out.


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