How To Host An Event That Sells Your Company

Conferences can be extremely good business and hosting an attractive event with the right speakers can ensure a full house of people who are eager to part with their cash in order to hear the wisdom that is on offer.

promoting your company at a conference

While conferences can be a good money spinner on their own, it is important not to overlook the promotional possibilities that are on offer when you are hosting a conference, as the chance to have a room full of people who will have an interest in your products or services can be too good to turn down.

Of course, you don’t want to turn your event into one giant sales pitch, so how do you tread the line between offering delegates a fulfilling and worthwhile event and trying to promote your company?


Hosting a successful conference will leave your delegates with one lasting impression, that you are an authority in your industry. If people are coming to your event to learn, listen and network then they will certainly leave safe in the knowledge that you are one of the leading lights in the industry.

Creating this impression through other means can be extremely difficult, so establishing your reputation in your niche can go a long way towards turning your delegates into long term clients in the future.

New Blood

If you are hosting an industry conference then there is a fair chance that many of your delegates will have heard of you before. If you already have a strong presence in your industry then this may well be the case, but widening the net and attracting new customers should always be at the back of your mind.

Introduce offers like 2 for 1 tickets and you will give people who may not already be aware of you the chance to come along as a guest, opening up more opportunities to spread the knowledge of your company.

Useful Promotional Items

These may well be a staple of every conference, but branded items that people will use and take away can be a great way of keeping interest levels high in the days and weeks after your conference. Branded note paper and stationery are just the kinds of things that will be taken back to the office and sit on the desks of the recipients, putting your contact details in front of the people who may well use your services in the future.

Industry conferences can be big business, but do not overlook the opportunities of using these as a platform to improve the reach of your company in the future. If your conference is going to welcome people who may want to use your services, make sure that they leave with confidence in your authority, introduce new people to your brand and give them all of the contact details that they need with which to find you in the future.

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