Crowdsourcing as a Business Solution

Crowdsourcing is a relatively new platform which can be used to accomplish a great deal of work that used to be costly and time-consuming to complete. Crowdsourcing is a fantastic business solution when it comes to problems like repetitive tasks, copywriting, editing and more.

crowdsourcing for business

Businesses everywhere can benefit from crowdsourcing many of their more menial tasks, both in time, money and the peace of mind in knowing the work has been completed.

Which companies benefit from this business solution

Any online company can farm out a great deal of their work to crowdsourced workers. These workers are independent contractors who are paid for the work they complete and not the time they spend doing it. Their approval ratings mean a great deal to them and affect how much work they have access to, so crowdsourced workers care about getting a quality product turned in on time every time.

Crowdsourcing allows for repetitive tasks to be completed by workers all around the world, so when a task does not require a native English speaker it can be completed in another country for a cheaper rate. This is great for simple, repetitive tasks such as data entry and copying and pasting.

If native English speakers are needed, they can be used for writing and editing at a fraction of the price of hired freelancers, and as mentioned before, they are paid for the work completed, rather than their time, so it is in their best interests to get satisfactory work out in little time.

Why a company should crowdsource

By crowdsourcing work, a company is allowing workers outside of the office to complete it, without having to go through a hiring process or spend a great deal of time reviewing applications. They can use crowdsourcing tools to ensure that their tasks only go out to a trusted group of people who have proven their writing or data entry abilities in the past, virtually guaranteeing a successfully completed task.

Workers can be paid to complete tasks without needing to be hired, so if a chunk of translation or transcription work needs to be completed, it can be farmed out to crowdsourced workers for a fraction of the cost. As a business solution, crowdsourcing comes in quite strong, allowing businesses to save a great deal of money and time that would otherwise be spent on interns or freelancers who charge high rates and may not produce quality work.

How much work a company crowdsources is up to the company, but most have a great deal of work that can be done for a substantially lower cost by crowdsourcing. With the money and time saved, and a possible bump in the quality of work submitted, there is really no question that crowdsourcing work is an excellent idea for any business, big or small.

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