11 Steps To Give New Angle To Your Old Content

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When you’re an online marketer, it becomes a necessity to keep adding new angles when it comes to engaging your readers with content. This keeps your readers happy and looking forward to more. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel – just a few imaginative twists and angles now and then are enough to keep the blood flowing.

1. Highlight Words And Phrases

When you want your readers to pay special attention to funny bits, informative bits and quotes, make sure you highlight them. If possible, use a different font for quotes – perhaps even a slightly larger font size. Try to present your top keywords in italics or in bold, to let your reader know that the content is relevant to their search. The extra interest you take in this area will impress your readers and keep them engaged.

2. Include Lists Within Posts

A list post need not be separate from a regular text post. You can go ahead and include a descriptive list within a text post, as part of the content. Just make sure it flows well together when you present it. By doing this, you can increase the value of your post to the reader, and also keep them engaged for a longer time.

3. Mix Up Media

Start your post as a regular text post and include a couple of related videos within it. Or, create an interesting infographic and link hotspots within it to videos, text posts or links. Write a post with a lot of images in it, or include a slideshow within a post. Just be imaginative – do what it takes to keep your reader hooked. However, don’t go overboard with too many media aspects and confuse the reader.

4. Play Truth Or Dare

At the end of an engaging post, throw out a challenging question to your readers. Ask them to be honest while providing their answer. You can make your question controversial or slightly objectionable. Alternatively, dare the readers to challenge a popular opinion or even write a response to your controversial post.

5. Include Surveys And Polls

Write an informative post on a good industry-related topic and open up a related survey. You don’t always have to offer a reward for survey participation – just mentioning the names of the participants on your blog will do. Your readers will love the fact that their opinion matters to you and might even have some relevance to their favorite niche.

6. Create “˜Serial’ Posts

Take inspiration from TV shows and comic books that take a single story and expand on it. Similarly, try to create a series of posts, ending each one on a cliffhanger. Your reader simply must wait for the next post in order to get the rest of the story. Do this every now and then – perhaps once every couple of months. This kind of strategy will keep them hooked and checking back for new supplements.

7. Use Innovative Images

Find tools using which you can create amusing avatars and digital caricatures. Use callouts to insert deprecating statements or humorous asides, and insert the pictures into your content. Insert them wherever you’re stating an opinion that might seem a tad too controversial or farfetched to your audience. This lets them know you don’t take yourself too seriously all the time.

8. Throw In Additional Elements

Enhance your content and add additional value to the information you provide via charts, graphs and quotes. Many people are visually driven – pure-text posts won’t hold them for long. By interspersing your content with additional graphical value, you can attract and retain everyone in your audience.

9. Invite Your Readers To Contribute Content

Open the doors to competitive collaboration. Many top blogs are using content created by their readers. Get your readers to contribute their thoughts and opinions in any form – videos, audio files, slides, images – then collate, curate and present the content on our blog. This helps you to give your audience a voice. It helps your audience to

10. Explore Trendy Topics

Take a break from informative posts to explore a trend or two now and then. A trendy topic can be anything that’s happening in your industry right now that sparks interest and discussion. You can explore the hype around a new product or technological innovation. Or, you can focus on a celebrity who’s creating waves in your niche and open the floors for reader comments. Anything goes.

11. Work Your Titles To Create Interest

Your post title is the first thing that your readers will see. Grab their interest with your title from the word GO. While it’s true that your title should be in keeping with your content, try and experiment with unique phrasing. Make your titles slightly controversial, thought-provoking, and a little confusing if possible, without detracting from your post. This helps add a unique angle while provoking reader curiosity and interest.

About The Guest Author: Gagan Deep is a freelance content writer working for Invesp, who writes expert articles on how ecommerce ventures can achieve the best online conversion rates through excellent landing page designs.  

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