5 Reasons Why Your Landing Page is Doomed to Fail

5 Reasons Your Landing Page is Doomed to Fail

The landing page is the critical point in lead conversion; often the deciding factor on whether a visitor turns into a lead or walks away. Therefore, don’t let your entire marketing campaign fail as a result of a single landing page. While evaluating your landing pages, keep an eye out for the following warning signs:

1.   Unclear Call-to-Action

Is your call-to-action clear, compelling, and enticing to the eye? A great call-to-action evokes an emotion in the view, a sense of urgency or reason to click on further. But if visitors are having a difficult time finding the CTA, your landing page is setting itself up for failure.

2.   Different from your Brand

If the landing page lacks the same elements as that of your main site, your visitors may believe that they ended up in the wrong place. Keep the colors, style, and other branding elements of the landing page similar to your website’s, to avoid further confusion.

3.   Too Many Links

You don’t want your users to navigate away from your landing page, completely missing why they arrived in the first place. One common tactic in landing page design is to remove the navigational menu and other distracting links, leaving a stripped page with one clear purpose.

4.   There’s Too Much Content

Images, videos, bold headlines, text, and so on – too much content can distract the visitors from the purpose of the landing page, making it difficult for them to reach the CTA. Try this exercise with your own landing pages – strip whatever is unnecessary, and see whether it affects the overall message. If not, you probably didn’t need it in the first place.

5.   You’re Not Using A/B Testing

You want to optimize your landing pages, don’t you? Then A/B testing is the way to go. It allows you to tweak and test your pages, determining which headline, button color or CTA can offer the maximum return. Trying out different variations will allow you to find the landing page that resonates with your visitors, convincing them to learn more.

About The Guest Author:   Rachel Kim is the head of marketing at Meijun, a digital development agency that specializes in web and mobile development services.

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