Build A Championship Team With Document Management

When you own a business, or hold an executive position within a startup, keeping up with your brand and all of its working parts can be a heavy responsibility. In fact, it’s much like being a head coach. Your business team requires training, nurturing, direction and encouragement to reach its fullest potential.

Build A Championship Team With Document Management

A good head coach knows how to surround himself with assistants, specialists and equipment that enhance the team’s performance. A good executive will do likewise for his business by utilizing technology to track data and minimize human interference.   For example, electronic content management (ECM) can help manage office operations, while raising employee skills and productivity; ultimately helping the business to perform at its best.

Just as the coach looks to his playbook to ensure the team’s success, ECM provides the tools to drive your document-driven processes, while keeping the content safe and secure. As a result, the company is able to focus on critical strategies rather than wasting valuable resources on tedious work.

Cloud-based ECM systems can support your company’s coaching staff with the following benefits:

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (The Coach)

Coaches prepare the team for any and every situation. Likewise, business managers use cloud-based ECM systems to prepare for and protect files/documents for any form of business interruption. From coffee spills to widespread natural disasters, your business is ready to withstand virtually form of business interruption.

Since ECM allows documents to be stored in the cloud rather than in filling cabinets, they’re automatically protected from any physical harm! In the event of a disaster, your business will be ready to continue as soon as you are.

Security (The GM)

GM’s ensure that players are athletically sound and capable of supporting the team, creating a sense of security. Similarly, ECM provides multiple levels of security to make certain that only those individuals with user permissions are accessing sensitive documents.

Since business files contain valuable intellectual property and personal information, maintaining security is critical. ECM preserves this through strict user permissions, state of the art data center management and audit trail reporting.

Visibility (The Playbook)

If executed correctly, the playbook contains the instructions to guide the team’s success. Likewise, ECM systems help guide your document-driven processes through your organization. If implemented correctly, cloud-based ECM systems provide a huge advantage for streamlining workflow and improving employee productivity.

In addition, the ability to quickly retrieve “˜big data’ from anywhere in the world using a mobile or desktop device with internet connectivity enables your business to succeed and compete on multiple levels.

Overall, a cloud-based ECM system’s ability to deliver an action plan for business continuity, disaster recovery, security and visibility makes it the perfect “˜support solution’ for managers of any business. With ECM, you’ll field a winning team!

About The Guest Author: Jeff Frankel is Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at  docSTAR, a B2B software firm specializing in cloud document management solutions and business process automation. He has more than two decades experience in corporate business development, working with industry-leading firms including Authentidate Holding Corp, Med-Flash, Health Focus of NY, and Ernst & Young. Jeff offers innovative perspectives on streamlining business for improved efficiency and productivity. You can follow Jeff and the docSTAR team on Twitter, @docSTARsoftware.

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