6 Ways To Save Money When Setting Up An Office

6 Ways To Save Money When Setting Up An Office

It’s one thing to have a company that has been around for a number of years and is able to afford great big offices. For newer entrepreneurs, however, it’s not as simple as just setting up any office they want and worrying about the costs later. Everything needs to be budgeted out so the company doesn’t lose too much money before it starts to pull in revenue.

These 6 tips will help you to save money right away:

  • Don’t get a full-sized office unless you definitely need it – A startup can always opt for incubator spaces, office rentals rather than sign a full-sized office. Office space choices for startups should be flexible so as to cut unnecessary costs.
  • Get cheaper, nice looking movables – Seeking out some used furniture store or looking for discounted items, or even that extra furniture available at the basement of your residence, does definitely sound cost effective. A modest expense at polishing the oldies would be a conscientious move. At the initial growing stage, your business is all about how you put in your efforts to add value.
  •  A proactive approach to manage office stuff – Being aided with useful selections of office supplies surely has no other substitute. Products that usually provide superior and long term value are the best pick for your startup. Look for best rates on shipping; a little negotiation is not at all a bad idea with multiple carriers. Online, Prepaid and other hybrid shipping services are growing in popularity, and can be expected to stand the test of the time.
  • Only hire people who will stick with you – The wise gesture is to recruit people who are flexible and likely to minimize the cost burden.   The interview process should be much refined in order to reduce any fiscal waste in hiring employees for startups. Offering employees various monthly benefits can be a crafty bait.
  • Free advertising tools – Like established companies, a startup obviously doesn’t have all the resources available. Therefore, to minimize advertising expenses the networking world, which is now running at light’s speed, should be exploited to the fullest.
  • Official Expenses –   Payment to personnel like accountants, lawyers shouldn’t be cut from the budget entirely. You should always find a common ground, required to strike a beneficial balance between the two groups, while saving some weighty cash.

Thus, the keyword is “focus”; focus on getting your new business venture going. Plan your expenses wisely and follow the tips above and you will have a much better chance of succeeding in the early stages.

Ronald AlexanderAbout The Guest Author: Ronald Alexander is a passionate writer and avid blogger currently associated with Forsyth, which provides business services including flexible office space and virtual office services in Manchester.

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  1. Shilpi Roy

    “Only hire people that will stick with you” is a very tricky suggestion as you can never predict the future and hence hiring the right people is really important. This reminds me of one more “You need to have a collaborative hiring process” – Steve Jobs.


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