Why Guest Posting Is The Best Way To Link Build And How It Can Be Achieved

We are all very familiar with guest posting, it’s a method we use to build natural links to our websites. This method is currently the most popular and viable way to attain healthy links to your site.

One primary reason for guest posting being so effective is that it gives you the ability to post content written by you on a high quality blog chosen by you. This niche blog sends all the right signals to Google and in turn carries a link directly to your site which will give your website much higher quality links.

Why Guest Posting Is The Best Way To Link Build And How It Can Be Achieved

However, guest posting is not as simple as it sounds. When you are looking for a niche blog you need to take into account:

  • Quality guidelines – take into account how many words they require and links they allow
  • Page rank – Try to post on PR2+
  • Domain authority – aim for DA 20+
  • Back link profile – are the links spam or high quality?
  • Content quality- is the other content on the site low quality?
  • AdSense – Is the site covered in ads?

Taking all these aspects into account will help you when you are trying to evaluate a blog. If the blog does meet to required criteria then you should contact them politely with a personal message alongside a proposed title.

Writing Niche Content

One of the most important aspects to guest posting is writing niche content that gets published. It is advised to thoroughly research a subject before proposing a title, just to make sure you are capable of writing such a piece. Once you have your subject ready with research in hand it would be advised to check the webmasters guidelines to ensure you know how much you need write before starting.

It is important to get your content grammatically perfect with punctuation correct. This will ensure that your content gets published. It is also very important that select the correct anchor text. Take these tips into consideration:

  • Only have one link per anchor text.
  • Link to a relevant page on your site.
  • Site must contain a maximum of 2 links.

Once you have sent a piece of content do not wait for it to be published, prepare your second piece with a different link.

Taking aspects such as content quality, link moderation and what site you’re proposing to post on will be a sure way to achieve success. By guaranteeing that your content is quality with the correct use of anchor text and then posting on a high quality site can only improve the likelihood of increasing traffic.

About The Guest Author: Josh Kennedy works for a digital marketing agency called Goymedia. They specialise in providing SEO consultancy and advice on high quality linking.

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