Some Digital Signage Solutions That Can Streamline Company Communications

“I didn’t get the memo.” This is one statement that you often hear from employees – a possible excuse for not dressing up in formal corporate attire on a supposedly casual dress day, or not being able to attend a meeting, or not preparing a report or document that needs to be submitted ASAP.

In traditional company practices, memos are either tacked onto corkboards on one corner of the room or slipped into each employee’s desk – two tactics which, quite honestly, does not guarantee that every individual will be able to receive an important message or pass on an urgent announcement.

The truth is, this traditional, paper-based method of disseminating information has long been regarded as only slightly effective, and yet many companies still choose to rely on this practice. For forward-thinking employers, it is definitely time for a serious upgrade – and in this highly tech-savvy and innovative modern world, memos on paper can be easily replaced with much more dynamic and effective digital signage solutions.

Digital Signage Solutions Can Streamline Company Communications

Digital displays can be seen in a variety of locations today – inside shopping malls, in transportation terminals, in individual shops, hospitals, government agencies, and along busy highways. Digital signages can present still images, HD videos, and even interactive content that may be meant to identify brands or companies, advertise a new product or service, provide instructions, or simply to briefly entertain.

But aside from these, the modern signages can also be used by companies – in their offices, or across a number of offices in a variety of locations – for the purpose of displaying important announcements and giving staff members access to relevant, synchronised data.

Digital signage is certainly more engaging to watch and follow compared to a typed-up sheet tacked to a poorly decorated corkboard. A large digital screen is sure to catch the attention of team members each time a message is flashed, and there is a higher possibility that people will see the message through to the end when presented in such a familiar, technological format.

Using this medium, companies can reinforce their brand and keep employees up-to-date with their latest promotions and initiatives. As a reporting tool, signages can help managers track projects – they can be fully customised to fit specific business requirements. What’s more, signages can create a positive visual impact on corporate spaces and incorporate a dynamic vibe that can motivate employees to actively communicate.

Thanks to this signage solution, companies have an excellent way of sharing marketing content, motivating employee engagement, delivering timely messages, and improving employee morale.

About The Guest Author: Bob Josward is an IT specialist. He continuously updates his knowledge about the digital industry by reading technology-related books and visiting websites like Crystal Clear. It is through writing that he shares what he has learned to inform and educate other people.

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