10 Reasons Why Brand Training Is Important For Your Employees

10 Reasons Why Brand Training Is Important For Your Employees

Most companies provide initial orientation training, where employees learn about the company’s brand. After this, they get few opportunities to form a cohesive bond with the company’s brand.   In this article, we explain why ongoing brand training is important for your employees.

1. In-house Brand Ambassadors

If you want your employees to sell your brand to clients, you have to first sell your brand to them. Arm them with the knowledge, skills and expertise to represent your brand the way you want it represented. Watch them transform them into whole-hearted brand ambassadors for your business.

2. Greater Involvement

Your employees will feel greater loyalty towards your brand and feel more involved when you personally train them on your brand. Don’t leave the training entirely to videos and slides; be in the room, and motivate your staff with your enthusiasm and passion for your brand.

3. Consistent Messaging

Getting employees engaged with your brand from the start solidifies their understanding. This ensures that they cascade the information accurately to the market. The best part is that all your employees will deliver the same messaging, keeping your brand image consistent among your clients.

4. Understanding The Competition

When your employees engage with your brand, take them through your competitors, their strengths, weaknesses and value proposition. This will enable them to benchmark your brand against the competition to understand common grounds and points of difference.

5. Communicating Value Proposition

When your clients want to know how your brand and its offerings differ from those of the competition, how do your employees respond? Well-informed employees can deliver your differentiated benefits and value proposition accurately, enhancing your position in the industry with every client interaction.

6. Employee Engagement

Show employees how important their role is in your marketing; let them know they are live spokespeople for your brand and understand their unique roles within your company. Reward them for incorporating their brand understanding in client interactions and in their everyday tasks.

7. Better Retention

Truly engaged employees feel a great deal of loyalty towards the organization and its brand. This in turn helps them stay longer at their employment, bringing down organizational attrition and enhancing retention. A definite win-win situation for most companies.

8. Emotional Advantage

When employees are truly engaged as brand advocates, you can succeed against all odds to keep your company afloat during tough times. The way employees feel about their brand’s unique heritage creates a justified pride in their company, which enables them to work harder to beat tough times.

9. Marketing Advantage

When employees are totally engaged with your brand and feel great pride to be a part of it, they become part of your marketing arsenal. They will wear t-shirts, backpacks and stickers with your logo and motto with pride; you can reap the extra mileage your company gets out of this.

10. Power Your Brand From Within

Recognize your top internal brand advocates through innovative recognition programs. Feature them in newsletters and on your intranet. You can get you clients involved in recognizing brand advocates as well. This creates a positive internal force behind your brand, which cements the connections between your brand and the market.

About The Guest Author: Peter Franco works as a freelance content developer for Verve International,   a fully licensed event management   company based in China and Hong Kong.

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