PPC Advertising is Not Just About Keyword Match Types

Novices to PPC Advertising might very well believe that managing a PPC Advertising Campaign is all about selecting the right keywords and attaching those keywords to appropriate advertisements and their respective landing pages.

Even though this is the basic idea behind PPC Advertising, without a doubt, and one of the reasons why Google AdWords Advertising is one of the easiest to get involved in, this is not the be all and end all to PPC.

pay-per-click advertising

The possibilities for getting really creative with your PPC Advertising are endless. The types of PPC Advertisements available to the average online marketer are expanding all the time. With a little investigation and a little testing, you might find that a different kind of approach to your PPC Advertising and a different style of advertisement is what your business needs to find real online success.

The following ideas cover both the most common approaches to PPC Advertising as well as opening up a few alternative and interesting ideas ready for the taking too.

1. Advertisements that utilize all Keyword Match Types

When managing your advertisements from a keyword match perspective, be sure to consider using all the variations of keyword match types possible in order to truly find the keyword match types that work for your business.

You might find that bidding on broad match keywords works well for certain keywords, but that bidding on an exact, long-tail keyword is the way to go when focusing on another set of keywords.

Measured trial and error, as part of a controlled testing environment, is the best way of gathering the data you need about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to keyword match advertising via PPC.

2. Product Listing Advertisements

If you have lots of products on sale, the product listing advertisements might end up working really well for your business instead of a variety of standard text-based advertisements set-up on their respective keywords.

The beauty of the product listing advertisement for people with lots of products or services to sell is that you can promote your entire product line at the same time. The product listing advertisement also allows you to provide richer information about your products through your advertising, including product image, price, and merchant name.

You must have a Google merchant center account to be able to run these advertisements, but for certain kinds of businesses the development of an account for this purpose would be highly beneficial.

3. Dynamic Search Advertisements

The dynamic search advertisements don’t require the use of a Google merchant center account, but they might provide an interesting solution for your business if your website content is wonderfully optimized and clearly targeted.

Dynamic search advertisements are shown automatically based on the content of your website, which saves you a lot of administrative and management time, but which also means you have less control over the content of the advertisement shown itself.


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