Welcome Spring with a Spectacular Office Party

As winter winds its way down, so does office morale. Cold weather, short daylight hours and frayed tempers can all take their toll on everyone in the office. However, as we begin to count the days until spring begins, there are some great ways to celebrate the season and brighten outlooks at the same time.

spring time

If your office has not already implemented an annual spring party, now is the time. We’ll look at several fresh and unique ways to celebrate the season, get your staff engaged, and replace glum moods with brighter ones. The best part is that many of these ideas need not be limited to springtime functions; you may find yourself using them for several different occasions.

Throw a Tea Party

The idea of a tea party may seem antiquated, but the simple elegance of tea service is rapidly coming back into style. As a tea party is a little bit more refined than a potluck or buffet style lunch, it lends itself perfectly to include an informal meeting, as well.

Many caterers and bakeries are offering tea and its accompaniments and are happy to share this treat with their customers. Sometimes they can offer a complete tea party set up, with tables, linens and china, and the servers can provide information about the different kinds of teas that are served.

As the weather begins to improve, consider hosting your tea party outside. Hire a local florist to create flower arrangements using colorful spring blooms like tulips and daffodils. As your employees enjoy the sunshine, delicious tea and snacks, they’ll be singing your praises.

Send In the Clowns

While you may not want to literally send in a carload of clowns, considering an entertainment option for your spring party just might be the solution to winter woes. Lecturers, singers, disc jockeys or comedians can add the perfect amount of levity and interest to your party and get your employees engaged and having fun.

Office party disk jockey

Not sure which type of entertainment to choose? Take some cues from your staff. Are they a young, dynamic group? Consider a more trendy option, such as a DJ or a band. Are you an outdoorsy bunch? Perhaps a ranger from a nearby state or national park can speak about outdoor activities taking place as the weather improves. The change of pace that any entertainer brings to a party is sure to get people excited.

Hiring a corporate entertainer is easier than ever (learn more here), as many entertainers, agents and event planners specialize in the corporate entertainment field. While choices are available for any size group or budget, it’s wise to be generous when considering entertainment. The money will be well-spent when you realize how much your employees enjoyed the show.

Volunteer as a Group

Spring can be a busy time for many businesses, and perhaps more so for nonprofits and community organizations. They often find themselves short-staffed after the winter holidays are over, as many of their volunteers are seasonal. Consider reaching out to one or more of your local community organizations or charities to see how your office can help.

Perhaps the dogs at the local animal shelter need walking or bathing, or the organization needs extra staff during an adoption event. Food banks can always use help sorting and storing donations as well as assistance during food drives. The local homeless shelter may be planning something special for Easter and could use extra hands in the kitchen.

Let your team show off their organizational skills and teamwork while using those skills to help others and the community. You can end the day of volunteering with a dinner at a local restaurant or drinks at a pub to reward your staff for all of their hard work.

Office parties are vital in ensuring that your staff feels engaged, appreciated and celebrated. Take advantage of the springtime to inspire your staff to think ahead, get excited and renew personal commitments to their work. If a little fun is had in the process, all the better.

About the Author: Jennifer Allen is a proud member of her office’s party planning committee, where she loves to implement fun new ideas to engage her coworkers.


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