Attracting the Perfect Client with a Healthy, Happy Office

Have you ever seen a workplace drenched in filth? It’s no pretty sight. Just picture this – you’re a high-flying business professional travelling to a new office to meet a client.

Having left your mansion, jumped into your private jet and made your way to the office, you arrive at a rundown junk heap of a place. It’s filled with all the hallmarks of poor hygiene – tatty walls, cracked paint, limp desks and limper employees.

Filthy office

What’s the first thing you do at a sight like that? You hop back onto your private jet and head home. That business won’t be seeing a playboy billionaire like you anytime soon.

You see, if an office is beset by poor hygiene, it’s far likelier to lead to employee sickness, low morale and staff absence. And, the drudging tone of an ill office projects onto clients.

So, what does your office need to reduce the stench of poor hygiene and become a happier place?

Well, hiring an office cleaning company can be the simplest, yet most effective ways to turn things around.  A clean office IS a happy office.

Not only cleanliness, you need to top-up your office interior.  With a fresh lick of paint and a few changes to your hygiene, you could be luring those playboy billionaires back into your office in no time.

Up your washroom game

If you’re suffering high absenteeism in your workplace, the solution to your problems is a washroom upgrade.

With E coli and other germs spreading at an alarming rate, filth-ridden washrooms are the blight of many offices.

The solution to this is a massive upgrade – try installing modern hand dryers, anti-bacterial soap, toilet wipes and other cutting edge cleaning facilities to keep your workplace in tip-top condition.

Bring in some corporate art

You don’t have to be housing more art than the Louvre, but putting up a few paintings could motivate your staff and provide them with dashes of inspiration when morale is low.

So many offices are crammed with “motivational” artwork that could inspire only the most mundane people. They’re filled with phrases like “Fly the plane of success to the airport of victory” and other garbled nonsense. Frankly, they’re more likely to make your employees roll their eyes than feel peppy.

Remember – there’s nothing wrong with your office having a personality. Instead of bland artworks of nothing, look for pieces that excite you. With the right choices, your enthusiasm for art will be infectious around the office.

Clean office

Feng Shui your way to office happiness

An office worker is only as happy as the place they work, which is why optimising your space is a must for increased motivation. If you want a happy worker, try moving desks in a way that will enforce group interaction and a better creative flow in your workforce.

That way, the next time a new client bursts through your doors, they’ll be meeting positive, active and healthy members of staff.


It’s most likely that your office opens for 12 hours a day – even more. As most of your staffs’ time is spent on office, it’s only logical to keep it – at least – clean and tidy. A healthy office will improve mood and increase productivity – and your clients will notice that.

It’s not an exaggeration that your office design and cleanliness are strong factors in determining your ability to close deals. Therefore, you obviously need to step up your game and start giving your staffs – and brands – a well-deserved image… starting from the office premise.

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