Four Ways of Taking The Loneliness Out of Working at Home

If you are a ‘mompreneur’, or entrepreneur mom, working from home is likely to be the best option for you. The allure and advantages of working remotely are evident: it provides all the flexibility you need, and also entails a huge saving of time and energy. Working from home means no more hours of commuting, and this is time that can be better spent with the kids.


While this lifestyle sounds ideal, the other side of the coin is the lack of socialization, the overwhelming sense of solitude that anyone who works from home should be familiar with.

So how do you overcome the loneliness of being a mompreneur? These four tips will help you to stay connected and avoid feeling lonely.

1. Rent a desk by the hour: Hot desking is a way of renting working space in the business centre on demand. It is a great and not expensive way to remedy the feeling of loneliness: with a great deal of flexibility, you can get out of your house and meet other people who are in the same boat. And the good news is you don’t have to rent the desk seven days a week, but only when you need one! Kids have playdate? Find your nearest business centre and go rub shoulders with some other mompreneurs.

2. Have you ever thought of making your business “virtual”? A virtual office is exactly that: an office not present in real terms. It allows you to work wherever you like, but with the support and infrastructure of a major corporation. There are some virtual office providers which offer different packages and you just have to pick what works best for you. For example, besides having a prestigious address for your business, you can also ask for a full virtual receptionist service, which means you can leave your “real home office” everytime loneliness lurks in, without worrying about missing important messages! And as an added bonus, virtual office services let you schedule your time according to your own needs, so you can be a mom during the day and run a part-time business in the evening.

3. Make your meetings count as a day out. Building a connection with other local entrepreneurs is not just about business, it can also be a way of meeting new people. You may find it difficult to justify the cost of renting a work space when there is plenty of space at home, but don’t forget that you can always occasionally rent a conference room when you need to meet with clients. Many meeting rooms are also budget friendly and can be rented by the hour. Using a business centres are set in bustling locations and will give you an opportunity to get out and rub shoulders with others in similar positions. And why not make friends locally who are also working from home? Alternatively, have your meeting in a business lounge or coffee shop. Remember networking is not only about gaining new clients, but equally important it also a chance to sharing a coffee, a chat, almost a sense of community.

4. Think beyond the the desk. Last but not least, get involved in something you love: an obvious, yet so easily forgotten tip is that to dedicate some time for yourself. Get outside your home, forget about your phone and join a gym, a cooking club or a reading group: simply meet others while enjoying yourself!

About the author: Dan Millington works at i2 Office which has business centres across the UK. When he’s not writing for i2 Office, he is a father of two and husband to a brilliant work at home mom.


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  1. Lisa

    Yes as an Internet Marketer it can be very lonely. I recommend going to libraries and cafes and I also have a membership with a virtual office in the city to encourage myself to get out of the house to work. It helps with motivation.


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