Use of Logos in your Delivery Business

Creating a business that predominantly sends products to the customer such as e-commerce is a growing field. Websites such as Ebay, Etsy and Folksy are all based on the idea that those who post items for sale must take responsibility for the packaging and delivery of the product in question. But with so many hundreds of packages and sales occurring every day, how do you get your delivery business to stand out? Here are some simple ideas that won’t cost the Earth that will help impress your customers and keep them loyal.

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Branding the Package and the Presentation

Everyone loves getting a delivery, particularly one they’ve been expecting. It can take very little effort to make your package really stand out. You can change the colour of the packaging, add your company branding or you can use colourful tape or a decorative stamp.

Franking machines allow you to brand your package with a logo and postage stamp at the same time as prepping them for delivery, which is a popular choice for those who make their living via deliveries. Franking machines are a much more cost effective option if you will be posting a large amount of items, and if you’re posting a lot there are some really good stores that can get you up and running with your own franking machine and all the equipment that you need. Try to find everything to set up your own personal post room.

A Simple Thank You

It’s always good to take the time to say thank you to your customers. It’s a simple act that they will appreciate and gives the personal touch to your business. This can be a handwritten thank you note or an attachment on the order reference, even a stamp.

Branding the Contents

Ensure that your receipt and everything else within the package is properly branded, with the URL of your website or seller page included. Some sellers have a range of printed postcards that showcase other products they have on offer and this is an excellent way to present other products which may be of interest to this customer.

Something Extra

Not necessary but you can add small thank you’s to the package, from confetti to sweets. Again, it’s strange how such little effort is so pleasing for your customers with such a small outlay.

Offers and Loyalty

There are also more direct ways to encourage repeat custom after someone has made a purchase. You can include a discount code with a limited use time, such as 10% off their next order that will expire by the end of the month. You can also take the time to inform them of any competitions you may be running, whether they’d be interested in joining your mailing list and other additional features that they may be interested in.

Don’t fill the package with masses of offers and promotional items but choose those that are likely to be the most relevant to the customer. Tailor these additional touches to your business and track whether you see any measurable improvements in brand loyalty and sales. Tracking individual customers can also be of use, so you’re not asking for members to join a loyalty scheme or newsletter when they are already a part of such offers. Continually adjust and you should end up with a unique package that will be a joy for your customers to open but most importantly increases their loyalty with your brand.

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