Help to Make a Decision on Creating a Mobile App

Creating a mobile app can be of great benefit to a business, both in terms of attracting consumers and increasing productivity, but there are a few things for you to consider before jumping in and developing your own; namely how much it will cost in both time and money, how the app will relate to your customers, and how it would be used internally, as well as the logistical elements involved.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps can help businesses relate to their consumers; display content, products and services; provide sales support and promote themselves, as well as being used by employees. However, it may be costly and time-consuming to develop and maintain your own app, for example, or you may find that the market is already saturated with similar ideas.

Creating accessible and engaging apps

According to a recent study by Adjust, nearly 80% of the 1.2 million apps currently available in the App Store are ‘zombies’; that is, apps that have received so few views and downloads that they fail to rank in any of the store’s plentiful lists. With as many as 60,000 apps being uploaded every month, it’s important to consider the ways in which your mobile app will stand out from the crowd and attract users. Before deciding whether or not to push ahead with development, you must first hit upon that winning idea that will get your company noticed. If ideas pass you by, it may be that there are too many similar apps out there; it’s important to monitor your competitors closely and come up with an app that is both engaging and easy to use, whilst remaining relevant to the times, or you risk wasting resources on an idea that is going nowhere.

Responsibly does it

It was recently reported that the US government has filed a lawsuit against web giants Amazon for inadvertently allowing children to make in-game purchases on their parents’ devices without needing permission. This case highlights just how important it is to think responsibly when developing an app. The ways in which your app will be used (or misused) must be taken into consideration; it is essential that consumers, clients, and employees can access information and services safely.

Trust the experts, or go it alone?

The Mobile Application Framework (MAF) aims to make it easier than ever for individuals to create and maintain their own apps. However, apps run in this manner will often make more work for businesses. For those less tech savvy, there are numerous companies, websites, and blogs, such as these Worry Free Labs notes, that are run by app developers and experts. These will offer information on the most innovative and inspiring apps, as well as advice on creating your own. Trusting the experts can be one of the most hassle-free ways of developing your business’s app, whilst receiving guidance along the way.

Whatever you decide, ensure that creating a mobile app is the best decision for your business, rather than being a technological wild goose chase. There are almost as many disadvantages as there are advantages; listen to advice and be sure to carefully consider all options first.

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