Which Services Can a Taxi Company Outsource?

Outsourcing is a great resource for any growing business. It provides you with the extra facilities required to be able to take care of all of your company’s needs, even if you don’t have the resources to do so on your own. Done properly, outsourcing can save you both time and money, permitting your company to grow, expand and flourish.

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This holds true when you run a taxi company. In rapid growth periods, outsourcing will enable your taxi business to keep up with additional or unexpected demands on resources. It can also help you to improve efficiency by outsourcing specific services to highly experienced providers, which can also ensure a greater degree of operational control.

All companies have the same basic needs – finance, product or service delivery, customer service and human resource; to name just a few. Taxi companies are no different in this respect, and therefore potentially also have the same outsourcing needs. Due to the nature of taxi companies, they also have specific additional requirements that can also be met by outside providers.

Finances and Insurance

Outsourcing financial requirements is a wise move for any company, including a taxi company, which doesn’t have the required in-house resources. These can involve anything from payroll to insurance. For taxi companies, insurance needs will necessarily become more complicated as the business grows. Having your financial and insurance requirements handled by an external provider will ensure you don’t have to worry about sourcing providers, paying bills or negotiating legalese.

Fleet Management

For larger taxi companies, fleet management is almost mandatory. This could be handled by someone from your in-house team, but as it’s such a complicated field you may find it easier to outsource to an experienced fleet management company, such as Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions. Not only can you pick and choose from a range of services, including fuel cards, vehicle remarketing and MOT reminders, but you’ll find the work involved in running a large fleet of professional cars is vastly reduced.

Car Valeting and Maintenance

Some large taxi companies keep their own garages, in which car valeting and maintenance can be carried out as and when it’s required. But this is a huge expenditure which only the most profitable companies can afford, so it’s more often than not the case that taxi businesses will outsource their cleaning and vehicle servicing needs to an already established garage. If you find the right provider you may well end up saving money, as garages will usually offer good incentives to individuals or companies who offer them regular work.

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