How to Blog Regularly When You Don’t Have Time

We all know we need to be producing content regularly, right? But are you getting the job done? If you find there simply are not enough hours in the day to write consistently, you do have options.

We can blog it!

Buy PLR Content

While you could buy PLR (private label rights) content, you would need to have it rewritten to be original. Even if you could find high quality PLR content that is relevant, it could be as beneficial to hire a writer or blogger.

Content alone does not a great blog post make. The best posts include at least one image, possibly a video and/or infographic, and links to supporting material. It can take as much time to fill in the SEO fields, alt-image tags, image title tags, add links and mouse-over text, choose a category and add tags as it takes to write the content.

Hire a Freelance Writer

First decide whether you want just a writer and you will do the blog formatting, image sourcing, SEO and so on yourself or you want a blogger to handle it all for you. Many bloggers freelance for other sites either as a ghostwriter (without attribution or bio) or as themselves. If they are well known in their industry you may want them to use their own name and bio.

If there are blogs you like to read, use the contact form or reach out to them on social media to ask if they would be willing to write for you. Check their blogs for a “hire me” tab. Ask bloggers who freelance for recommendations. Many belong to mastermind groups and know which bloggers have expertise in a given niche.

Although you could use sites for hiring freelancers such as odesk or elance, you may have more success using the problogger jobs board which is specifically for bloggers. Be sure to discuss whether you want content only or a complete ready -to-publish blog post.

Employ a Blog Editor

Many bloggers are their own editors. If the writer you hire is qualified, you could turn over managing your blog to them. Use the same methods to locate a blog editor as you do to find a blogger to write for you. But be more selective to ensure they have the grammar, spelling, image reducing, and formatting skills you need.

A blog editor is responsible for creating the editorial calendar, choosing topics, making sure the titles are compelling, and scheduling the content for publication. They are sometimes also tasked with promoting the content on social media or even handling community management.

Hire a Turnkey Blog Writing Service

An easier way to ensure your business blog has quality content published on a regular schedule is to hire a company that provides turnkey blog writing services such as WriteCollective. Companies who provide ghostwriting blog management services should have testimonials on their sites and be willing to give you references.

Be sure to discuss who will source images from where to make sure you aren’t breaking any copyrights. Ask the company to give you a detailed list of exactly what services they are providing, a schedule of posts, and what they charge in writing.

Don’t Miss the Advantages of Blogging

Do you realize how important content is to growing your business?

Still not convinced? Check out the statistics in this Business Blogging post. You really do need to be blogging regularly – at least weekly.

If you can’t make the time to do it yourself, check into the inexpensive methods mentioned above to make it happen. Don’t be looking back years from now wondering how much more money you could have been making.

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1 Comments How to Blog Regularly When You Don’t Have Time

  1. Jimmy R.

    Hi Gail,

    Hiring a freelance writer is definitely one of the best options for those who don’t have the time to blog.

    With a good performing freelance writer, business owners don’t have to micro manage their blog’s content creation allowing them to focus on the more important things like running their business.

    Of course… They need to be careful with who they hire. Hiring is probably the only part that will consume much of their time.

    But once they land a good writer, they’re pretty much set.

    Jimmy R.
    Freelance Writer


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