Growing Your Text Marketing List: 6 Essential Tips

If you want to grow a text marketing list into one that’s truly successful, don’t assume that you know all the right ingredients. All too often marketers make the mistake of assuming, and their efforts end up wasted. If you want to ensure success now and in the future, consider these 6 text message marketing musts.

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Offer an Incentive

But not just any kind of incentive. Ensure that you are offering something truly valuable to those who opt in to receive your messages. Most businesses find that offering something free is a great way to get people to opt in. That free offer pays off long –term, as long as you continue providing valuable offers.

Campaigns With Value

Each text message marketing campaign that you conduct should be something that the consumer will find value in, and also have fun with at the same time. Make sure that you are not wasting your time, or that of the consumer, and always offer campaigns that are fun and worthwhile.

Keep ’em Steady

Another mistake that is made by so many is not sending frequently enough. It’s important that you’re sending campaigns to your subscribers on a semi regular basis. You do not want them to forget about your company, and without these regular messages, that might just happen. Make sure that you get results by sending regular text messages to those on your list.

Ask to Join

It is a requirement that all people on your list opt-in to receive your text messages. Never send a message to someone that has not opted in, even if they have shown interest in your product in other ways. There also can be severe legal consequences so be sure your list is 100% opt in.

Know your Audience

Another mistake made by many marketers: Not getting to know their audience. When you get to know the people that you’re targeting, you can create campaigns that are tailored to their needs, likes and wants. When this is done, you should expect a rise in your response rates.

Creativity Takes you a Long way

Have you added your creative touch to things? Doing this can make a big difference in the campaigns that you send out, as well as the way consumers respond. Make sure all of your campaigns are interesting, fun and valuable for the consumer. Allow the imagination to soar. Who knows what you could come up with?

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