Top 4 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Office

Most office workers nowadays will recognise that sustainability within their workplace is far more important that it was a decade ago. With the growing acceptance of climate change, eco-friendly practices are no longer just a lifestyle choice, they are a global responsibility. With that in mind, here’s how you can do your bit to reduce the carbon footprint in your office.

Solar panels on the roof

Use Solar Power

Not all bosses will jump at the idea of having to shell out a sizeable wedge for solar power. But here’s how you can sell it to them. Despite the fact that solar power is expensive to install, the financial rewards over time (as well as the obvious eco benefits) are significant. Your business could even sell some of its excess energy back to the national grid. So from a business perspective, solar power is in fact a choice that will save both money and the environment.

Reduce the Usage

There’s no getting round the fact that a busy office uses a massive amount of energy. However, you don’t need to have all of the office appliances running all day long. The dozens of computers, chargers, phones, faxes, lights and coffee machines that occupy our office workplaces are a serious drain energy resources. So why not turn them off when they’re not in use? Likewise, if you haven’t switched to energy-saving bulbs yet, do so immediately. And finally, keep an eye out for when your appliances may be on their last legs. Ageing appliances use far more energy that new ones, so you need to recognise when it’s ready to replace them.

Leave The Car at Home

Ok, so having a car is a great convenience in terms of getting to work easily and on time (unless of course you get caught in a jam). However, cars are far and away one of the biggest contributors to climate change, worldwide. So instead of driving to work, consider cycling, taking public transport, or at least sharing lifts with co-workers. It’s a small effort for a big and positive impact.

Set guidelines – and stick with them

Sometimes, all we need to be more eco-friendly is to have written guidelines which should be followed by all staffs. If you want to be less formal, you can go with signs containing friendly reminders – e.g. a sign that says, “Don’t forget to turn the light off when you’re done” on your office toilet.

Mindfulness and Perseverance

None of the ideas offered here are difficult to achieve within your workplace. On the contrary, all they require from you is a little mindfulness and perseverance. Stick with the program, and the future generations will surely thank you in years to come.

Photo credit: City of York Council UK / Flickr


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