3 Powerful Ways Hosting a Webinar Can Help Grow Your Online Business

Webinars are a great way to share information, interact with potential customers, and create valuable content that can be shared over multiple marketing channels; including creating content for blog posts and discussion points in other communities. Webinars are rich with opportunities to learn exactly what makes your customers tick and what they’re expecting for your company as well as a chance to solidify your brand in the community.

Hosting webinars

Hosting webinars have the potential to reach a wider audience than what even conferences might offer; placing you in control at the helm to direct the entire experience in a manner that benefits not only your business but your clients. Also, it helps to remove, to some degree, the element of stage fright which impairs so many, preventing us from pursuing attention from wider public audiences.

Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to build trust and create stronger relationships with customers and win prospects.

Humanizing your Brand Builds Trust

In the last year, 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration they could not talk to a real person. Regardless of how digital-minded we become, we yearn for human interaction; especially when we are experiencing problems. Webinars particularly empower small businesses with the ability to humanize their business and present themselves as companies that deeply care about the needs of customers. Large corporations tend to fail here as many suffer from slow to adapt policies that fail to address current needs or have become complacent because of a seasoned success. In these instances, clients suffer, and here’s is your chance to be different and offer a superior experience for clients.

Presenting real personalities for your clients and prospects to interact with adds credibility to what you do and shows who’s accountable for the business and the responsibilities it assumes through its products and services. A focus on delivering satisfying experiences for your audience is huge since 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.

Use a service such as ClickWebinar; which is a high tech product geared for delivering the richest experiences for your webinar participants. It provides a full feature-set for managing and making conversations effective and meaningful, reaching a wider audience and apps that help you deliver media in a variety of formats.

Direct & Focused Interaction with a Select Audience

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, webinars provide opportunities to market to highly qualified leads and tuned in audiences; whether it’s to your existing customers, fellow practitioners in your industry or clients considering purchasing your products. Essentially, via your introduction and promotion of the webinar, they opt-in to your content and the experience. Therefore, even if your webinar attracts a mere 20 participants, the probability of influencing a purchase or other KPI is increased because they’re qualified leads. Those 20 participants are more valuable than 1,000 random eyes and ears.

Your goal here is to build each relationship one step at a time versus a mass market approach that provides less control over results. Through a more personalized offering and approach via your webinar, you not only increase your conversion rate but also gain a better return on investment as you gain loyal customers.

By far, the most requested improvement from customers has been “Better Human Service.” Focus on that and watch your business grow.

Better human service is the most requested improvement from customers

Feature & Give Back to Customers & the Community

If you have a customer who has experienced great results using your product and service, you can host a webinar with them as a live case study. Highlight their business or experiences, and delve deep into what makes them successful and how your company has positively impacted that. Give your customers, business partners and others in your community an opportunity to shine.

It’s not about self-promotion

Take note that your webinars should not be fanfare about how great your company or brand is but the agenda should be centered on doing something great for the community. An experience so unique or so in tune with their issues and desires that they won’t want to miss a session because of all the good it adds to their lives; whether it’s a teaching session, questions and answers or addressing issues as they pop up. Provide a platform where they can voice their most sincere opinions and address them transparently and immediately for all to bear witness and see that you’re accountable. That builds trust and will add significant long-term value to your brand as more will stick with you and believe in your company and services. When customers share their story, they’re not just sharing pain points. They’re actually teaching you how to make your product, service, and business better.


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