Online Entrepreneurs: Are you Working in the Toilet with Your Smartphone?

Have you tried living without your mobile phones for, say three days? I did. And it was awful.

You see, as a Founder-slash-CEO of an online marketing company and several online magazines (including blogs), I practically live in the cloud: I am connected with the Internet 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cloud working

I run my business online – literally, and although I work at home, I can practically work in any places I want, anytime. As long as I can get a good Internet access, I’ll be fine.

I blog, manage articles, talk and negotiate with clients, assigning work to my virtual team members, fixing broken things on my websites, promoting, etc. – I got a lot going on in my business life.

Obviously, not all the time I spend is for work purposes; some of the time I spend on a daily basis is browsing around for personal development (I love learning online marketing, wealth building and self-improvement) and pure entertainment (I love watching basketball and playing games!)

Speaking about entertainment, I have this habit that I’m sure that many – if not most – mobile device owners do on a regular basis: Taking your mobile and/or tablet with you going to the loo.

Okay, I admit it; it’s not a good habit. But hey, some people bring novels and magazines with them going into the toilet.

Here’s one fun fact for you: Did you know that nearly 50 percent of all water damaged phones happen from falling down the toilet?

And yes, I did that once to my Lenovo smartphone. Let’s just say that it’s… terminally ill. Not a good experience.

Seriously, people. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is cool in the workplace, but not so cool in the toilet. I try to fix this bad habit of mine, as I don’t want to get into the same trouble ever again.

But the problem doesn’t stop there. There are so many weird things people do with their phones. I have found this fun video published by Fone Angels, showing you the wonderful world of ways people do to break their phones:

Right. All make sense, but why on earth people would throw their phone on the trampoline and have it bounced to the window and smashed it to bits?

But things happen.

Here’s a more serious read about broken phones: When you are done making those silly mistakes, what should you do?

Trying to DIY would make things worst – unless you are a tech guy who knows your way around with electronics – or probably just someone with some guts to explore new things, such as trying to fix your own phone.

Well, you can DIY it, but if you think watching ‘how to repair your phone’ YouTube videos won’t make it easier for you to repair your own broken phone.

If you are like me, you will go to a phone repair specialist to fix things out for you. Luckily, there are online services that can help you out (Fone Angels is one of them.)

Let’s just say phone repair specialists are location-independent entrepreneurs’ best friends.

Here’s how it typically work: Submit the form online with your request, send in your device (some repair specialists can even pick your phone up,) get your phone repaired, and the service shop will send your phone back, shining like new.

I think that is a much more reasonable way than DIY your phone repair, don’t you think?

Time vs. money – win. Effort vs. result – win. It’s all win if you use a reputable phone repair service.


Smashed your phone’s display, drown your phone in a pool – or toilet, or what-not – trust your phone to the specialist.

I would love to recommend you Fone Angels ( (their 5-star rating from 283 customers is no joke!) but you can practically choose any specialists you want.

Just make sure that you have done your homework reading what other customers’ have got to say about your favourite phone repair service.

Photo credit: CAFNR / Flickr


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