Email: The Tool No Successful Marketer Can Be Without

The invention of email has undoubtedly changed the way we interact as a society. It makes for far more efficient and consistent communication. “Today, email remains one of the most effective and widely used marketing channels, and it continues to evolve. According to Direct Line Blog, “Like the telephone, email has undergone radical transformations since its inception.”

Checking emails

According to a recent study by email services company SendGrid, people open emails on iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers more than 36 million times per day. This study collected data on approximately 8 billion emails sent by more than 125,000 companies over two 10-day periods in 2013 and 2014. An astonishing 9% open rate.

What Does This Mean For Marketers?

Its clear email is an essential component in the lives of all those involved in technology and convenient communication. Whether its business related or not, emails are utilized. They are a quick way of reaching potential consumers.

There are a number of platforms for marketers to contact consumers. Emails can be accessed on a variety of devices. Marketers can observe certain trends to find patterns and collect data. For instance, people read more email messages on Apple devices than any other platform, according to a recent study. Aaron Beach, senior data scientist at SendGrid, says “What is perhaps unexpected in our data set is the emergence of mobile, tablet and desktop Windows devices as a fast growth segment for email engagement.”

The study shows an average 32 million emails were opened every day on Windows devices, a whopping 147% increase from the previous year and making Windows the second fastest growing platform. This can serve as a type of guide for marketers; email is definitely a necessary component for effective marketing endeavors.

Putting a Plan Together

Marketers who keep track of just what applications are currently in use and how often email is utilized can definitely have greater direct contact with consumers. For example, Linux-based devices, which include Android, was reportedly the fastest growing segment for email opens globally, growing by 329% in just the last year. Blackberry devices saw the third most growth in email opens at 127%. Additionally, email opens on Sony’s Playstation Vita platform grew by 10% over last year.

With so many different platforms, marketers have a variety of ways to collect data based upon consumer responses and actions. They have various ways of approaching buyers and advertising. List Giant and similar sites allow marketers a greater control over what clients can offer, an executive says, “Creating defined parameters and having an action plan, before coming to us, is crucial to the process of email marketing. We can guide clients in setting up dynamic offers with dynamic landing pages, increasing their conversions.”

Email Marketing

Given that approximately 32 million emails are opened daily, email marketing can be considered one of the most effective approaches of advertisement. Considering the number of emails consumers go through it is necessary to engage and capture attention.

Formatting is important here. It’s important to make the email easy to subscribe, to match the particular brand, and most importantly be relevant to the consumer. According to Forbes’ 15 Email Marketing Tips, “Email newsletter services offer features like groups and segmentation to help you make your content relevant to the people reading it.’

If you’re sending different emails for different groups (for example, a nonprofit might send separate emails to volunteers, donors, and the board of directors), then you can ask people to check a box to join a particular group on your signup form. Segmentation allows you to target certain subscribers on your list without assigning them to group.”


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