5 Reasons to Offer Employees Voluntary Legal Benefits

Most Americans are faced with at least one new legal issue each year. Legal matters require time and money to resolve, and some of that time is spent while on the job. Companies are increasingly helping to relieve their employees of this burden by providing a voluntary legal benefits plan.

Voluntary legal benefits

There are many reasons why an organization may opt to include voluntary benefits in a work package; here are just five:

Retain and recruit great employees

It used to be that one of the most important things a potential employee was concerned with were medical benefits. Now that the ACA is in effect and employees have other options for health insurance, employers are looking for additional ways to increase retention and attract great employees. Voluntary benefits, especially legal benefits, fit the bill. Employees who are satisfied with their customized benefits plans may be more loyal to their employers and less likely to consider looking for a new job.

Ease employees’ stress

Aside from health issues, legal issues are one of the most stressful situations people experience. With a legal benefits plan in place, employees have the peace of mind of knowing that professional legal assistance is easily accessible when they need it. When legal issues do arise, legal insurance plans can help make the resolution process much more efficient and much less stressful.

Increased productivity

With less time spent away from work dealing with legal matters — and less time distracted while on the job — voluntary legal benefits can help keep productivity higher. Poor job performance, absenteeism and even health issues can result when employees’ attention, time and energy must be devoted to legal issues.

No cost to employers

A group legal benefits plan is a no-cost method for enhancing your overall benefits portfolio with a valuable service that’s attractive to employees. And because it’s a voluntary benefit, it’s available at no cost for employers. In addition, legal benefits plans are usually simple for human resources department to administer.

Comprehensive services

Adding a legal benefits to your employees’ benefits package provides them with access to comprehensive legal services they may otherwise not be able to afford. A good legal benefits package provides coverage for the most-needed matters, such as traffic violations, family law, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, will and estate planning, divorce proceedings, financial management guidance and much more.

Today’s younger workforce is changing the rules on company loyalty and benefits. To meet their needs, organizations that offer new, innovative ways to retain and recruit top-notch employees have the advantage. One of the simplest and most affordable ways to meet the needs of both employees and companies is through a voluntary, managed legal benefits package.

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