7 Ways an Apprentice Can Help Your Business Grow

Apprenticeship jobs are usually work-based training and education programmes for individuals of all age groups.

Apprenticeship trends

You can find over two hundred and fifty types of apprenticeship programmes readily available, across a selection of market sectors and companies. If you would like enthusiastic talent that you could train and develop for your organisation, then the solution is to hire an apprentice. An increasing number of businesses are using apprenticeship jobs, with 96% of businesses reporting great performance from their apprentices.

There is £1500 age grant to assist companies to expand their businesses by hiring apprentices, depending on eligibility. All organisations providing apprenticeships for 16 to 18 year old should retain them for a year. On the other hand, apprenticeships for the people aged over 19 years can last between 12 months and 4 years.

Apprenticeship is a programme with practical work knowledge that can open up truly amazing job potentials for both the young and the adult. It prepares them for their long term careers by supporting them to be work-ready.

More than 130,000 organisations throughout the UK provide apprenticeship places. They realise their successes at improving output, increasing business functionality and securing dedicated and skilled employees.

NAS – the National Apprenticeship Service is in charge of apprenticeships along with traineeships in England. It provides free of charge, impartial advice and also assistance to companies seeking to recruit for the very first time or those wanting to expand their training programmes.

Highlights on numerous direct and indirect benefits of Apprenticeships for your business:

Return on investment

With regards to the return on investment (ROI), by using Apprenticeships, about 41% of firms point out that their apprentices come up with beneficial contribution to the organisation throughout their training period. A further 3rd, about 33% state that apprentices increase economic value in their first couple of weeks.

Filling skills gap

Hiring apprentices allows companies to fill the relevant skills gaps which exist in their present work force. Apprentices learn about the industry relevant skills from the training. And they acquire expert knowledge that can positively have an impact on the bottom line.

Apprenticeships are assets to organisations

Apprenticeships are important assets to businesses. It can provide considerable benefits to your company. Apprenticeship is a special way to expand your business. It incorporates both on-the-job training into the business together with off-the-job learning, and offer companies with an affordable way of developing their skills base.

The apprentice’s learning offers practical knowledge of how work environment operates. The training brings together theoretical knowledge and functional skills. Apprenticeships can consequently provide a career path for someone in your business and a priceless possibility to develop the skills you need for your workforce.

Hiring apprentices is cost-effective than experienced workers

Businesses that hire apprentices reduce their recruitment expenses, since training employees is far more cost-effective than employing qualified staff. Training apprentices provides them with the knowledge which may be unavailable on the outside jobs market. This makes it possible for organisations to train their staff to suit a specific task. It helps to promote diversity and engagement. Apprenticeships help employees provide an opportunity to develop their workforce and boost creativity and efficiency.

Developing loyal and core staff

Many organisations have noticed that their apprentices continue as full-time staff at the end of the apprenticeship programme and in many cases work for the business for several years. This shows the commitment of apprentices. If you invest in apprentices, they will invest into your organisation. This is beneficial for company in the long run. It helps to produce core staff, who will worked for the organisation and understand their business ethics.

A fresh perspective

Apprentices may possibly have no real work experience, however they may still bring fresh ideas, which can be equally beneficial to your growing business. With technology knowledge that come from making use of computer systems and social tools including social media, apprentices can use this knowledge to create competitive advantage.

Small businesses can grow with apprentice

Apprenticeship improves apprentices work opportunities, as it helps to develop the relevant skills that will drive growth for small business owners. Small establishments that employ more apprentices, can consequently increase investment, as there are a number of measures targeted at entrepreneurs.

Hiring an apprentice is like hiring every other employee. They simply come to be an apprentice when they have registered with an apprenticeship programme with a training provider. As an employee, your choice of advertisement, job interview and hiring an apprentice is solely your responsibility. That is, making sure you have the right workers for your business.

There are some factors that each employers have to guarantee when hiring an apprentice:

  • you have to release the apprentice for apprenticeship training, as stated by the training plan.
  • you must employ apprentice for 30 hrs every week and also provide a contract of employment.
  • you have to give a risk-free and healthy working areas.

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  1. Brian (@bbrian017)

    Hi Ivan,

    This is a great post. An apprentice can really help in an organization. They have the ability to gain knowledge quickly, gather practical experience and work their way to the top.

    They can help you prioritize your work and choose the one which is important for your business.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips.


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