Perfecting the Urban Office with Window Treatments

If one analyses most cities in the country, it might be difficult to comprehend just why so many offices decide to be located in such urban areas. They’re full of traffic, often away from major transport links and also happen to be mightily expensive. There might be a few generalizations here, but urban offices carry plenty of problems.

Downtown office

Nevertheless, most businesses have offices located centrally in a city. Therefore, we’re going to cipher through some of the common problems that these businesses face and how many of them can be solved through window blinds. Unfortunately, we’re no longer referring to the barrage of traffic that your employees may run into on a daily basis – but rather some of the problems that blight your office environment during the day.

Noise pollution

The first issue is related to traffic in a way; noise pollution. It’s something which is becoming much more talked-about and cities in particular are guilty of generating huge amounts of noise that can penetrate glazing and ultimately make it much harder to work.

This is where the first window treatment solution steps in. If your office happens to be situated in a particularly noisy area, it’s time to turn to something like an insulated blind. These are designed in honeycomb format and while temperature control might be the main aim of the product, they are also able to trap sound. In other words, they’re a sound barrier and can turn that noisy office into a tranquil place, where people can actually concentrate.

Protection from prying eyes

Next, we’ll talk about a different type of traffic – pedestrian footfall. If your office happens to be based in one of those gigantic skyscrapers, you won’t have a concern. However, for any business that has a ground floor office, they’ll know the frustration that occurs when people decide to pry through the windows. In some ways it’s human nature – but having all of your expensive systems and documents on show isn’t exactly perfect from a security perspective.

In these instances, another new window product has come to the rescue. This time it’s in the form of the top-down bottom up shade; a product which allows the blinds to be manipulated from both the top and the bottom. Ultimately, you can immediately prevent people looking through the window, whilst still allowing a small portion of natural light to fill through the upper portion.

Downtown office with Window blinds

Try lower-cost alternatives

We mentioned the expense of an urban office in the opening to this guide, so we’ll conclude on this issue as well. The last thing a company wants to do is spend the bulk of their budget on the premises itself, only to then shell out even more on the fixtures and fittings.

Both of the window treatment solutions we have concentrated on aren’t traditional blinds and therefore have slightly higher costs. Fortunately, through the emergence of faux wood blinds, it’s possible to hold at least some style, light filtering and privacy benefits on a budget. They might not have the sound-defying capabilities, but if your office isn’t blighted by this problem they can be a perfect and inexpensive solution.


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