6 Secrets to Achieving a Good Work-Life Balance for Busy Mums

When done solely, having a job, managing a household and raising kids are all extremely time consuming and sometimes difficult elements of everyday life. But what happens when all of these elements are combined together and one person is required to do all three of these things? For many busy working mums, it can all become a little too much sometimes which is why achieving a good balance between work and home life is extremely important and essential for success in all parts of life.

Busy mom's Work life balance

If you’re a busy working mum who is struggling to get that balance, we’ve compiled the below list of 6 secrets to achieving a good work-life balance. Let’s start with setting goals and prioritising…

#1: Set goals and prioritise

Giving control and a means of purpose, setting yourself clear goals makes life so much easier in the sense that you’ll know where you are going and the route that you need to take to get there. Trying to juggle your home life with your work life without having clear goals is only going to leave you feeling lost, confused, frustrated, unproductive and unmotivated. Once you have a clear set of goals in place, it’s equally as important to prioritise them.

#2: Practice good management

Applying to both work and home life, practising good management in terms of both time and efficiency are vital. If, for example, you’re the owner of your own company, it’s important that you implement effective strategies such as employee reward ideas that have been proven to increase employee morale and demonstrate maximum levels of efficiency.

By employing good management and making sure that your employees are reaching their optimum potential will ensure that you have to stress less about targets that need to be reached etc.

#3: Work around a Solid Structure

Having a good balance between work and life is all about having the flexibility to enjoy the life that you’re living. But, in order to get flexibility, you need to have a solid structure around you in all aspects of your home and work life because without it things will get chaotic and unmanageable.

Time management

#4: Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is key if you want to excel in both areas of your life. Everything from eating the right meals and getting enough exercise and sleep to working from a good chair and going for regular check-ups are essential elements of making sure that you’re looking after yourself.

#5: Try and be Positive and Enthusiastic

This may sound easier than it actually is, but to remain positive and enthusiastic, you’ll need to surround yourself with positive people and reject negativity in all of its forms. See the opportunity instead of the obstacle in situations and make an effort to see the positive side of your circumstances, even when you think there is none.

#6: Love your Job and your Life

Life is a journey and it’s a lot more enjoyable when you love all aspects of it. If you don’t love your job, it’s time to reconsider your position and find out what will make you happier than you are in your current role. Love your life and everyone in it and you’ll begin to see the benefits of your positive attitude rub off on your little ones, your partner, your friends, your colleagues, and everyone else that you surround yourself with. The result? You’ll be a lot happier too.


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  1. Harry

    Ivana – Excellent tips. It also helps to put boundary around your work and life activities. Without it you will be bogged down into finishing one thing after another not realizing the negative impact it has on your life.


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