Five Businesses You Can Start Almost Immediately

Setting up a new business, whether as a solo venture or with a partner, is an exciting opportunity but it can take a lot of effort. Sourcing funds, creating a budget and just organising the general running will eat into a lot of time when you’re eager to get out there and start making money.

Hard working entrepreneur

There are a number of business options which don’t take as long to set up for those with an entrepreneurial itch. Many can be done from home and around another part-time job, with little set-up time or equipment required.

Child Minding

The go-to option for many teenagers looking to earn extra pocket money, babysitting or child minding is also a quick and (fairly) easy way to make money as an adult. It can be a great choice if you like children and have free time a few afternoons and/or evenings a week. With more parents working many require someone to pick up and look after their kids for a few hours after school each day.


Anyone can start a blog in a matter of minutes, with a number of free platforms and cheap paid for ones available. You’ll need to be able to string sentences together cohesively, have an interest in writing and plenty of time to regularly update your blog. Choose one topic and stick with it. When you receive enough traffic you’ll be able to charge companies for advertising.


A number of manual labour business can be started with just a few tools and transport. If you’re already a keen gardener and possess the tools then start advertising your services locally and you’ll be up and running in no time. Lease a van from Van4Leasing to cart your gardening gear around and to also appear professional without the risk and expense involved purchasing one outright.

Personal Assistant

People are too busy these days, whether it’s to look after themselves or an elderly relative. Become a personal assistant by picking up odd jobs advertised online, from helping someone move house to doing an elderly woman’s laundry. A small fee will be paid and over time it could lead to regular small jobs for the same people.


Selling items online means you can earn without leaving your home. If you’ve got a passion or talent for creating something (from baked goods to knitted hats) you can set up a website, social media channel and more to get the word and products out there. Few overheads besides the materials are required, so a profit should be turned soon.


So, there you go – 5 ideas that you can turn into reality (almost) immediately. Before you embark to make things happen, be sure that you heed this advice: Regardless of your ideas, execution is the key. So, be sure that you prepare all the expertise required to make things happen.

Good luck in your endeavor!


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