Why Covering Your Business Vehicles Is Important

No matter how good you think you are at fixing vehicles, you and your company will feel much safer having the right cover for all work vans and cars. For many small and new businesses it can be incredibly tempting to avoid the added expense of breakdown cover and any extras, especially when you feel confident fixing problems yourself.

Car insurance

However, this isn’t always the safest or cheapest option. Taking out breakdown cover and insurance for all your business vehicles will keep the business in a good position, especially in the event of any accidents.

Cost-effective Option

Breakdown cover is only really appreciated when your vehicle breaks down part way through a journey. For this reason paying monthly or annual fees to a breakdown company can seem like a waste of money and hard to afford for many small businesses when no problems arise.

If you drive without breakdown cover and have a problem though, the costs will likely work out far larger than the annual fee. Calling out a garage to provide roadside assistance is incredibly expensive as they know they can charge large amounts. They are able to charge so much as the other option of fixing a vehicle at the side of a busy road is highly stressful and not advised.

Financial Variances

All businesses which regularly use vehicles should take out breakdown cover as the more they are used, the more likely problems are to occur. Different levels of breakdown cover are offered by most companies so there will be an option to suit your budget and requirements. Roadside assistance and recovery are the most important cover options for all business vehicles and included in most packages.

If one of your vehicles suffers a breakdown on the way to or from an important job this is essential. Depending on the nature of your business, nationwide and European cover can be added, for extra, which will save a lot of money for companies driving long distances and abroad.


Having the correct insurance is important to ensure your business vehicles are fully covered in the event of an accident too. Even if it’s not you or your driver’s fault it is best to feel safe in the knowledge that if an accident happens you won’t have to fork out large amounts on repairs. The initial expense for breakdown cover and insurance may seem pricey but without it the costs could be so much worse.


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