Five Ways to Improve your Image as a CEO

As the Chief Executive Officer for your company you’ll probably be involved in a great deal of important affairs and decisions. As well as this you will often have to represent your firm and can essentially be a walking advert for the business. Subsequently, the way you present yourself to both customers and staff alike should automatically command respect and create a strong air of professionalism – otherwise you risk losing this.

Successful CEO

It’s true that a lot this is down to your business knowledge and acumen, but a hugely important aspect is your image. This means the clothes you wear, your transport and even things like the quality of your personal presentations; all of which need to present you in the right way. So if you’re looking to improve your physical image or just further establish yourself as a CEO, here are five ways you can go about this:

#1 Health

As busy as you might be, both being fit and healthy is important, not just because it makes you look better but it’s of course more beneficial for you. Try and squeeze in some cardio, even if it’s something as simple as a walk during lunch. Needless to say really, but if you’re all sweaty and out-of-shape when meeting clients it won’t leave the best impression.

#2 Clothes

On the subject of good impressions, this is where the clothes you wear can really make a big difference. A sharp suit or just some quality formal attire from a recognised brand can do a lot for your image. In a similar vein to the above point, you should put yourself in the shoes (if you’ll forgive the pun) of the people you meet; they probably wouldn’t be very impressed if you weren’t smartly dressed.

#3 Cars

The aforementioned idea that you’re a walking advert for your company goes beyond your physical appearance and extends to the vehicle you drive. The simple truth is that if you turn up to a meeting or potential clients see you driving an old, shoddy car it can reflect badly on your business. Scour the online markets and you can still find a more prestigious brand like Audi or Mercedes relatively cheaply from a website like Exchange and Mart.

#4 Body Language

Your body language says a lot about you and with simple things like having good posture, appearing engaged when talking to others and keeping eye contact can make you appear more confident and help those in your company feel relaxed. At the same time, when you need to show you’re an authoritative leader and deal with problems and issues, having the right body language can show you’re serious and mean business.

#5 Consistency

The last approach is to be consistent with all of the above; keep healthy, regularly purchase new clothes and maintain your car. This way you can ensure this positive and powerful image that people will have of you lasts. So be sure to take this advice on board and you can count on always leaving the right impression.


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