Corporate Food Delivery – Trends in Corporate Catering

The corporate world is a world on its own. Unfortunately, for many, the word “corporate” does not exactly fill them with images of fun and joy. Rather, it is seen as something formal that focuses on living and breathing work. Yet in reality, however, this attitude of working so hard means that corporate people often also party even harder. And this is where corporate food delivery comes in.

Indian corporate food delivery

Understanding the Corporate Catering Business

Essentially, the world of corporate catering involves itself with allowing strict, formal people to let their hair down as much as possible. It may surprise you to find out that the industry is absolutely booming, as more and more corporate events are being hosted.

We are currently seeing a lot of reality television shows focusing on Sweet 16 parties or weddings, with each participant trying to outdo the other. The world of corporate parties is no different, and corporate caterers are noticing that they are receiving increasingly elaborate requests and demands for their work. Some of the things that they are being asked for increasingly is ethnic food. This is also because so many corporations now work on an international market, which means that they want to provide their partners and staff with a little taste of home.

Corporate Catering Menus and More

Another thing that is transforming the world of corporate catering is the fact that they offer so much more than food. More and more often, corporate parties are themed parties and the theme has to be pulled through not just in the food and beverages, but also in decorations, venues and more. Hence, corporate caterers are becoming more and more like full party planners, helping businesses to come up with ideas on where to hold a party and what it should look like to fit in with the theme. And the food that they have to provide can range from anything from a five course gastronomic meal to a simple lunchbox that can be taken along on a corporate picnic.

A recent study showed that one of the greatest trends in the corporate catering industry is Chinese and Italian food. These seem to be firm favorites the world over, in fact. Interestingly, one of the reasons why Italian food is gaining in popularity is because of recent reports stating that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest diet around. Unfortunately, however, this does not mean that we should all eat pizza all day every day, watered down with copious amounts of excellent red or white wine. However, this seems to be exactly what the corporate world is asking for.

Luckily, a final trend that is being shown is that corporate caterers are focusing on healthy eating. Hence, as they know Italian foods are so popular, they are not starting to offer gorgeous antipasti and other small dishes that deliver the true flavors of the country, without the processed, poor quality ingredients found in shop-bought pizzas, pastas and other such meals.


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