Ford Medium Duty Trucks for The Modern Job Site

If you are running a business that requires utility trucks, you surely understand that your choice of trucks can determine the effectiveness of your operation; you need the ones that are high in performance.

Ford F-650 2015

High performance utility trucks used to be all about function. Manufacturers built them for size and strength, and it was up to the people operating them to make these beasts fit the job itself. There wasn’t a lot of variety, there wasn’t a lot of customizable options. But that wasn’t the point. These vehicles over delivered in terms of strength and cargo load capability. It was a one-size-fits-all approach. And even one size didn’t fit the job, the owner/operators just had to deal with it and make it work. After all, there simply wasn’t that much to choose from.

With several functions to tackle, it’s often challenging (read: expensive) to provide the right trucks for the specific function. It’s best to go for trucks that are either multi-purpose or highly customizable. Enter Ford.

Today, Ford is changing this. With their new line of medium-duty trucks, Ford has found an innovative way to adapt their product line to the needs of a modern job site. For instance, all of the vital components of the trucks are located in or underneath the cab. This makes the back end of the truck endlessly adaptable.

Much like Ford’s Transit models that have been introduced this year, Ford is recognizing the inherent individuality of today’s modern small (and large) businesses. One-size-fits-all simply doesn’t apply anymore, and Ford knows it. Rather than creating 5 different distinct vehicles, the modular approach to creating your own custom truck is innovative and practical.

The 2016 Ford F-650-750 features 8 models, that can accommodate the required customization: The F-650/750 SD Gas Straight Frame, F-650 SD Gas Pro Loader, F-650/750 SD Diesel Straight Frame, F-650 SD Diesel Pro Loader, and F-650/750 SD Diesel Tractor. Each features specific equipment that can accommodate your custom need.

Ford hasn’t stopped here. They’ve made a lot of other changes to make their trucks perfect for the modern job site. And many of these details aren’t the things people were asking for, but now that they’re in place, we realize they’re what we wanted all along. For instance, Ford’s new medium-duty trucks are 45% quieter than their previous models. They come in diesel or conventional. They are available in tractor or straight frame. Basically, anything you need in a big truck, Ford is here to provide. It’s going to make each unit a perfect fit for each business, and it’s going to change the game.


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