Identifying the Best Security Option for your Business

Australia is one of the safer countries in the world for businesses to operate in. Most Australian business operators have the confidence to maintain the success of their business without being exposed to major security risks that affects their business’s premises.

Business premise security padlock

Even though the risk is much smaller compared to other countries, businesses should implement security measures that can prevent, deter or help them better manage the security of their business premises. In industries such as banking and finance, mining, hospitality, healthcare, there is a need to have strong security measures in place that will prevent the threat of theft or damages that could further negatively impact the business’s operations.

Businesses need to assess what security options would suit their needs. Below is a checklist that can help you in identifying the best security option for your business.

Does your premises hold valuable inventory?

The inventory that you hold may attract attention from thieves or personnel that may engage in theft. To prevent this, you can install security surveillance equipment such as CCTV cameras that can record and monitor any theft activity. Additionally, having security staff patrol the premises can also thwart the threat of theft, as well as act as a deterrent.

Purchasing your own security equipment versus outsourcing it to specialists.

Investing in your own security operation can be a hefty investment. There is the initial cost with purchasing the alarm systems and surveillance equipment, as well as the ongoing maintenance cost with staff and operational overheads. Depending on the size and requirements of your business’s operations, it would be more efficient to outsource your security management to professional companies that utilise their own security systems.

Invest in a security solution that doesn’t disrupt the operations of your business.

When it comes to managing the security of your business’s premises, you need to strike the fine balance between meeting the business’s security objectives and how the security solution will impact the other operational areas of your business. For example, businesses that place bars on the windows may find that the solution impacts fire hazards. The design could also negatively impact employee morale, resulting in reduced operational efficiency.

You ideally want a solution that will minimise distractions and that will be subtle, but still alerts and monitors the business’s areas as necessary.

Securing the perimeter of your business.

One of the ways to keep would be thieves away from your business’s property is by securing the perimeter of your business. Depending on how your business’s property is set up, you can implement a security solution tailored for your business’s property. For example, if you are responsible for the building and surrounding areas of your business’s property, you may want to consider implementing fences, security checkpoints and using mobile patrol units to secure the premises. You can broaden your security reach by implementing a surveillance system through CCTV cameras and area monitoring.

The importance of security is often overlooked until someone experiences security issues. By then, it is too late. Some issues unusual issues that people have faced include:

  • A business losing their entire fence to theft. If there was a patrol unit monitoring the area, this could have been avoided.
  • An employee stealing business equipment and inventory isn’t anything new. This results in write off costs for the business.
  • The property’s hot water system being stolen.
  • Large assets such as boats, cars and trucks being stolen from the property.
  • Theft against the business’s employees by customers or suppliers.

It is in your business’s interests to provide a high level duty of care when it comes to security. The presence of security can act as a deterrent and can allow the business to take evasive action with potential security risks.


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