3 Ways HR Can Improve the Functionality of Your Business

To be a truly valuable human resources professional, you have to bring something to the table that no other person on your executive board is capable of. While you or your CEO may have initially seen your role as little more than understanding the rules of the company and making sure you’re in compliance with larger, national rules, having a more business-oriented role in your company can be a huge asset in every area. To learn how, here are three ways that someone in HR can improve the overall functionality of a business.

Human resource department

A Better Trained Staff

One traditional and important way that human resources professionals can improve the functionality of a business is to create a more proactive and competent staff. According to Sherrie Scott of Demand Media in an article written for Chron Small Business, HR is usually tasked with initiating trainings that will help the staff be better at their jobs and increase the quality of the work they provide. However, a lot more functionality can be added to the business simply by thinking about these trainings in a different light: How can this training help the company reach its business goals?

By putting all trainings and staff education in the frame of assisting both the company and the employee, your HR department will not only be fulfilling their job to the best of their ability but also the positions in the rest of the company, helping to create a higher functioning business.

Being More Business-Minded

Many of the functional problems people in HR face is due to the fact that they aren’t as business-minded as they can and should be. Louis Efron, a contributor to Forbes.com, shares that in order for someone in HR to take their rightful place as a true business partner in their company, they need to be a business person who specializes in HR rather than an HR professional who’s here to assist the business.

This simple adjustment in priorities can be a game changer when it comes to getting HR professionals in the right mindset for business success. If you can understand how the business works in general, it will make you a much more functional part of the team when addressing how you as an HR professional can be of service.

Getting the Right People on Your Team

A large part of human resources that has a massive and direct impact on the functionality of a business is in hiring and recruitment of new employees. In fact, according to Christine Bader of The Atlantic, one of the key roles of HR is to acquire capable, young employees who will help the company keep pace with a changing world. Achieving this may require thinking outside the box of how previous recruitment was done in order to truly find those that will help take your business to the next level. If you can’t find the right people to get on your team, the functionality of your business will be seriously diminished, so getting this right is pivotal.

Having a hard-working and successful human resources department can really help a company run smoothly and be creative in their field. By using the three tips mentioned above, HR professionals can bring much more value to their company and greater impact to their role in it.


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