8 Business Ideas to Start at University

At the University there is a lot of time at the student’s disposal yet most of them are always broke. It is wise to think of possible, feasible business ideas one could venture into to make some cash. The big companies like Google and Microsoft started off from a basic idea, and the business sprouted to eminence.

College students

To do my university essay, I have explored multifaceted business ideas that a student can engage in while at the University. Prior to deciding on the specific business ideas to settle on since they are many, it is logical to conduct research on what people need. Further, one should identify what they are good at or think of ventures that are in line with your career field so that the business could support the degree course in future.

Business ideas

1. Creating a YouTube channel could make good returns

One could run reviews of the course being pursued at the University, which is a brilliant idea because many of the students are used to reading from books. Therefore, watching the class works from YouTube would be a thrilling experience. Alternatively, any topic that is fascinating could be run.

2. Buying second-hand textbooks at the end of the semester…

…then selling them to new students as the semester commences in the next session. Students will always need books; therefore, one is sure of available demand.

Secondhand textbooks

photo credit: Matt Johnson

3. One could start immediate delivery services when needed

This means that when a student runs out of something, they can easily contact you and get it immediately at a cost. For instance, during weekends, one could set to deliver beer combos or coffee and train tickets early in the morning. There are several other items that students run out of like tissues. One could buy them in bulk and supply them on demand.

Finished toilet paper roll

4. Starting up an accommodation reviews site for the students is an incredible idea

Students always look for accommodation outside hostels to rent, and it is difficult to find nice affordable houses. Therefore, one could offer to take the position of an agent or broker to organize for the student’s accommodation then get paid.

5. Freelance is an idea that can suit several people

One can simply find what is related to their course and offer skills on the same. Alternatively, it could be a different field one is passionate about, and they have researched extensively to learn about the core principals.

6. Creating quality food hampers at affordable prices…

…that can be ordered by parents to be delivered to their kids in school. This could be accompanied by other essentials that students need, but they do not have access to, for example, home-made carrot juice, and then market it emphasizing the health benefits such as a glowing face. This will get demand, especially from girls.

Baked cookies for food hampers

7. Making photo albums or professionally printed books or magazines

Then they could be made unique through hand-crafted touches or notes. Students will always be in need of these items or probably get them as gifts for their friends during birthdays or holidays.

Christmas photo album

8. Local firms will always accept orders if the product supplied is highly demanded by their customers

Therefore, one can choose to make nice home-made sandwiches, which are ordered in the morning and delivered during lunch hour. The business could extend such that fellow students start buying, and before you know it, the business grows to a company.



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