5 Reasons Why your Business Needs Self Storage

Running a business is always a tough thing to do, whether you are struggling for the next sale or are simply struggling to keep up with sales, running a company is generally stressful, time consuming and one of the biggest challenges you may ever face, which is being self-employed is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Business owner in a self storage

As business owners, big, medium and small, we are always looking for ways to be make our company more profitable and more successful, and whilst this often comes from making more money, it can also come from saving money and making business decisions that improve your business on different levels than just seeing increased pound signs.

As of 2015, the UK was home to around 5.4 million private sector businesses, which is a massive increase of over 1.9 million since we welcomed in the new millennium in 2000, meaning that more and more small businesses are now continuing to be formed and grow every year, especially as the current economic climate is encouraging sales growth across the board. So, the problem with more and more businesses starting, growing and achieving success is often to do with space, as for most businesses, the bigger you are, the more space you need.

So, if you are struggling for space or you are wondering just why you might need to consider self storage for your business, we give you 5 reasons that your business might need self storage.

Extra Space

One of the core reasons many businesses turn to self storage is simply due to the lack of space they currently have and the extra space they currently need, as if your office is crammed full of products, documents and spare furniture, this does not really lead to a very healthy working environment. When space is at a premium and you are cramped and working a bit too near to someone else, then self storage is the ideal solution, as you can store all of the items that you do not need on a daily basis and then access them when and if you need to, ideal for stock or documents as we move onto later in this article.

Hold More Stock

If your business is very much stock reliant and yet you just do not have the room at the moment to increase your stock levels, most storage firms will allow you to use a unit or two pretty much like a stock room, where you can dispatch goods from and receive new stock as often as you need to. As long as you are not stocking goods that are against most facilities terms and conditions, you can pretty much do as you wish, but it is always worth checking that this is ok with the relevant people before you start using your unit or sign up for a contract with them.

Extra Security

Self storage facilities, or the very good ones at least are highly secure, as they simply have to be else their clients would not continue to use them. Security is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to domestic and commercial customers deciding whether storage is right for them, as users will be worried about how secure their possessions are and just how much they can trust the facility. This is the reason that most of the more reputable self storage facilities have ultra-modern security, including CCTV, keypad locks and human security, meaning that if your business chooses self storage, it can often be far more secure than your own offices or work place.

Document Storage

Depending on where you operate your company, the law generally gives you a length of time that you must hold onto paper records for, so even in the age of the digital revolution we still need our paper friend for the relevant authorities. However, the chances of you needing access to these documents that often is very unlikely, so why not file them away with some document storage from your local self storage facility? Doing this would free up a wealth of space and mean that you still have all of your paper files, and then when you need to access them or need to send them off to your accountant, they are a quick drive down the road and a load of car. Too many offices fill their rooms with unnecessary paper trails, which if you were to invest in self storage, could free up a wealth of space and allow you to take on a few extra employees should you so wish!

Your Flexible Friend

Self storage is generally very flexible, with no long term commitments and also a “come as you go” approach, with most facilities offering the chance to increase or decrease the amount of storage you need at short notice and most do not require long term contracts in place. With this in mind, it means you can use a storage unit as and when you need it, rather than thinking you need to be with a particular facility just for the sake of it. Most self storage companies do offer discounts and benefits if you sign up for 6 months or more, with some offering the first month free or free insurance, but if you are not worried about this then you literally can just use it for a month or so, or like some businesses, on an ongoing basis.

This article is brought to you by Thornbury Self Storage, a Bristol and Gloucestershire self storage facility offering a wide range of storage units for both domestic and commercial customers.


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