4 Low-Budget Ways to Market your Small Business

Saving money during your entrepreneurial startup is critical to your success. Every dollar you invest in marketing is a huge investment and you need to see genuine results that offer new clients.

Low budget digital marketing

The first step in developing a good marketing plan is to research your target audience; know who you want to pitch to and how or where you want them to purchase. Before you drop any dollars on the marketing fund, you will have to narrow down your market and begun a focused approach.

Included here are a few low-budget ways to market your small business.

Polish Your Website

Making your website professional and fast-running may not seem like a marketing technique to you, but it can boost your revenue enormously. Customers want to see polished websites that are user-friendly and fast-loading. Taking the time to slightly customize your site for mobile users will make your company that much more accessible to your potential clientele.

If you’re not sure on how to approach this, you may want to consider to hire a web developer.  Hiring a freelancer or firm to create your mobile experience only cost you as little as a few dollars per month, although you can go all the way to the thousands.  It’s a matter of the perceived value for money; so, ask around!

Utilize Email

Nearly as old-school as snail mailers, email has become an underrated way of reaching your target audience. Building a mailing list or renting one is still effective in delivering results.

This type of service can be exceptionally low-budget; through certain email providers, you can reach up to 5,000 potential customers for less than $60 a month. Many consumers still respond that email is one of their most preferred methods of receiving advertisements from a company.

Search Engine Optimization

While you may believe that because your company does not sell “large-ticket” items your customers won’t research you online, you would be incorrect. With more and more people googling websites from preferred pet groomers to best restaurants, you can be sure you want to com.

Finding low-budget SEO or keyword advertising can help you top the rankings and generate more clientele.

Be Social

In this digital age, where people can become viral sensations overnight, getting online can greatly boost your image. Create a social account for your business where you can directly interact with your consumer. You will be able to glean critical feedback as well as create loyalty and brand trust. Social media can become a time-sucker, so you will need to be careful about limiting time spent there while on the clock.

To gain an interested audience in your product, you can publish industry studies and articles regarding your niche product. For every seven informational articles you post, you can put up one that is self-promotional. This will keep you from getting blocked for “spamming” and your consumer may find that you are opening up a two-way conversation.

People want to feel that they are listened to, and heard, so your response to clients socially can make or break your business.


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