3 Tips for Throwing a Business Party Your Employees Will Love

Although the holidays are coming to a close, you can always find a reason to throw a party at work. Whether your company hit a large goal, you’re having a valuable employee retire, or it’s simply that time of year, throwing a party for your employees can be a great way to help them relax a little from the pressures of work while showing them you care about their relationship with your company.

Fun business party at the office

To help you set up the best event possible, here are three tips for throwing a business party your employees will love.

Two Ingredients for A Memorable Event

While it can take a lot to have your business party come together, Liz Taylor, a professional party planner and organizer, tells Hester Lacey of Forbes.com that the two most important aspects for creating a memorable event are the lighting and the entertainment. By using the majority of your budget to plan entertainment that your employees will enjoy participating along with, you’re sure not to have a snoozer of an event. And with the right lighting, you can create a real mood and atmosphere to put your employees in awe.

The Small Things Do Matter

Although you may think that having good entertainment is all it takes to have an amazing party, Patricia Handschiegel, a contributor to BusinessInsider.com, reminds employers that focusing on the details can really show your employees you care in a subtle yet important way. Getting quality linens and tablecloths, having appropriate decor and gift bags, and many other small touches can truly be what takes your business party from run-of-the-mill to an event your employees will be talking about long after they’ve stopped working with you.

The Importance of Food

One thing never to forget when it comes to a business party is the importance of food. Depending on the type of employees you have, some many not even feel inclined to come to your party unless they know they’re going to be fed there. With this in mind, Mireille Pitre of QCEventPlanning.com advises business owners to be very clear about the type of food provided. If you’re planning to serve an entire meal, make sure your guests know this in advance, and if appetizers or desserts will be their only option, make them aware of this as well. This will go a long way towards setting the right expectations for the party in general simply by stating the type of food that will be served.

Planning and executing a party for your employees may be just what everyone needs to take a break from work and feel a little appreciation for a job well done. To make sure your party goes off without a hitch, use the tips mentioned above the next time you have a business party on the calendar.


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