Reasons to Move Offices in 2016

Making sure that you choose the right office space for your business needs can be tricky, as those needs are constantly fluctuating. While you may have found a practical office space that worked for you at one point, it’s also likely that, according to statistics, most businesses move offices every seven years on average. It’s important that you’re able to adapt to the changes that your business experience, and sometimes this means moving to a new office in order to guarantee further successes.

Moving office

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider changing your office space in 2016.

Beneficial Change

Sometimes a change is all that’s really needed to give your business a shot in the arm. We’re all human, and as a result we get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, and going to the same office every day can be surprisingly disheartening and have a negative impact on productivity. However, moving your employees into a new space can be a great way to give them a boost.

In other words, sometimes a change of scenery is all you really need.


There’s always a chance that you could be getting a better deal elsewhere, and rental costs can make big dents in a business’ budget. Looking for a new space can help you to save money whilst benefitting from a better quality office.


More often than not, businesses need to move offices to account for growth and expansion within the company. If you’ve expanded and taken on new staff, then your business will inevitably outgrow its office space, and the need for more space becomes apparent. Moving to a new office is a great way to get more space, light and air, and prevent issues with proper space management.

Working in cramped conditions isn’t conducive to productivity, whereas providing your employees with plenty of light and space is.

Technological Needs

As your business develops, the need for more high quality technology increases. Running a business means that you need to make sure the equipment in your office is up to date and running efficiently, so you can keep on top of things and work to the best of your ability.

Some office spaces, while useful initially, are still equipped with outdated technology that can negatively impact on your efficiency and productivity. However, there are office spaces available that have been kitted out with the latest equipment and technology, from speedy broadband to the latest in cloud computing technology. Relocating to a new office is one of the simplest ways to get a necessary technology upgrade.

New Location

Location is extremely important when it comes to setting up your business, but what was right for you at an earlier point in your business development may not apply later down the road. If you’ve established your business and have successfully grown as a company, then you may find that the location you’re currently in is no longer practical.

Moving to a new locations enables businesses to be closer to their clients and customers, but it’s also a great way to break into new markets and expand their target audience. This is very much dependent on your business’ specific requirements, but if you feel like you’re no longer achieving what you want in your current location then now may be the time to move.

Moving to a new office can be a big step, but if done right it can a positive move for both your business and your employees. If your business is starting to grow or you simply find that your needs have changed recently, then it’s worth considering a move into a new and better space.


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