Best IT Certifications for Businesses in 2016

Running a business requires a great deal of work in a variety of areas, and one of the keys to maintaining business success is to stay on top of trends and continually assert your position as an authority in your line of industry. One of the best ways to ensure a strong reputation and become a leader in your field is to make sure that your business carries relevant and high-quality certifications. This is particularly true when it comes to IT, which is a core part of most businesses out there.

IT certified

Certifications are one of the best ways to validate the skills and knowledge of your employees, and keep your quality of business at its finest. Many businesses ensure that their employees are regularly trained by providing support and helping them to gain new and useful qualifications.

Now that 2016 has arrived, businesses should start looking to see what the best IT certifications will be available to them this year. With developments in cloud technology and more, there are always new qualifications becoming available from organisations like Global Knowledge Network Training Limited

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Qualifications

This range of certifications is ideal for businesses that are making the transition to the cloud. By becoming an MCSE you can expand your skill set and gain invaluable knowledge directly from the source. Microsoft is one of the most commonly used operating systems, and with recent changes such as Windows 10 and updates to the Office package it’s important to make sure your skills are properly up to date.

Becoming an MCSE enables you to specialise in a variety of different areas. For example, you can earn a certification in Communication, Business Intelligence and more technical things like Server Infrastructure.

Ethical Hacking Certifications (CEH)

It might sound a bit suspect, but the demand for specialists in ethical hacking is higher than it’s ever been. For those that are unfamiliar, ethical hacking is a method developed to fight against cybercrime, unethical hacking and so on. A qualification in ethical hacking allows you to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals and successfully protect your systems, servers and valuable data.

A certification in ethical hacking allows you to develop skills that help you uncover and patch up any system vulnerabilities, effectively preventing hackers and cyber criminals from exploiting them. This is easily one of the most effective ways to tackle the increasingly smart tactics of unethical hackers that could drastically impact on your business.

Cloud Security Certifications (CCSP)

Using the cloud is one thing, but understanding how it works is another. As the cloud is a relatively new way to store and share data, there are different protocols for security and management that requires separate training. There is an increasing need for skilled experts in cyber security, and there are plenty of qualifications available that will provide you with key knowledge in cloud security, application, compliance and operations.

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important for businesses, and clients and customers want to be sure that businesses have robust qualifications in this area. Cloud computing is set to become the standard way of managing and sharing data, so it’s probably time for your business to become qualified and finally get to grips with it.

Technology is constantly evolving and changing, and while 2015 was definitely the year of cloud computing this shows no signs of letting up in 2016, and businesses should make sure that they’re on top of the most recent technology trends. By maintaining your business’ IT qualifications and ensuring that your employees are up to speed, you can keep your business running effectively and efficiently, as well as placing value on the skills already in place within your company.


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