10 Ways Video Conferencing Can Impact Your Organization

Video conferencing is one of the most used technologies for business meetings today. There are many advantages of video conferencing with Blue Jeans or any other services for small businesses. Here are a few ways it can impact your organization.

Video conferencing

Reduction of Traveling Costs

Traveling is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to urgent business meetings. Video conferencing enables people to see each other and share presentations from one corner of the world to another. The only things needed are a good video conferencing system and a fast Internet connection. This also reduces expenditure for the company on a long-term basis.

Better Sharing of Documents

It allows for sharing of documents and presentations very easily. This is not so easy in other systems. When the document is shared on the common monitor, all the team members can view it.

Any type of media can be shared on the latest video conferencing platforms. This includes presentations, videos, files, etc. The computer screens of participants can also be shared easily.

Multiple Views

It also allows for multiple views. For example, a group of people from different parts of the world can see each other on the same screen. This is mostly witnessed in news channels and other media, for discussions, and debates.

The same procedure is sometimes followed in business meetings as well. This has also been very effective when compared to other conventional methods of conferencing.

Better Return on Investment

Video conferencing might take some investment off the budget, but it is a better return on investment in the future. The cost of running it has decreased by ten folds in the last two decades, says Larry Karagheusian on Computer Weekly website. It reduces business costs, travel costs, and hospitality costs, which will otherwise be incurred if someone has to be invited to the conference in person. When considered on a long term basis, video conferencing definitely provides better ROI than conventional systems. In most cases, this is generally a one-time investment.

Better Productivity

Above all other aspects, a conference would be successful only if it is productive. Compared to other systems, video conferencing grabs the attention of all the participants very easily because of the use of visual aids. It’s also very flexible, meaning that it can be conducted in any way the participants want it to be. This ultimately results in better productivity than other conferencing methods except direct conferences.

Instant Meetings

Instant meetings are possible only when video conference is enabled. All it takes is an email or a phone call to inform other team members about the conference. Once informed, the participants can immediately join the call and the conference can go ahead as planned. This is the only method at present to conduct emergency meetings, be it the White House or a big corporate firm like Microsoft.

Increasing Individual Exposure

Video conferencing also allows individual exposure. As discussed earlier, all the participants can easily take part and convey their views. At times, this is not possible in conventional conferences, where a few participants tend to dominate the show.

Competitive Advantage

Competition is the main driving force of many businesses and this calls for instant meetings and conferences quite often. Companies will have to take quick decisions and this applies more to business teams like marketing and PR.

Saves Time

Time is one major resource that cannot be compensated. The best advantage of video conferencing is that it not only saves money, but also time. The instantaneous conference allows for quick discussions, which is the need of the hour in many business firms. Journey time, conveyance time, and preparation time is also reduced.

Best Brainstorming Platform

Brainstorming is easy when done with this type of conferencing. Since it provides video, audio, and other sharing platforms in one place, it allows for more interaction among participants. Be it any business, small scale, large scale, or even enterprises, video conferencing is a must.


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