Q&A with Chad Constant, Director of Business Client Marketing at Intel on the Launch of Intel Small Business Advantage (Intel SBA)

Small business owners need all the resources they need so that they can have a sustainable business growth.  One of the latest ones is Intel Small Business Advantage (Intel SBA).

What does the solution entail, and how does it help small business owners in keeping their IT secure – and more? Chad Constant, Intel’s Director of Business Client Marketing explains it all in an exclusive SMB CEO interview.

Chad Constant, Director of Business Client Marketing at Intel

Ivan Widjaya (Q): Hi, Chad. Please kindly introduce yourself to our reader.

Chad Constant (A): Thank you Ivan, my name is Chad Constant, and I am the director of Business Client Marketing at Intel.

Q: You’ve just announced the launch of Intel Small Business Advantage (Intel SBA). What is it, and why do small businesses need this?

A: We developed a new solution tailored for small businesses, available on our recently announced 6th generation Core processor called Small Business Advantage®, and it will enhance the way you work. Intel® Small Business Advantage is an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution that provides enhanced security, maintenance and collaboration features to help small business owners keep their business secure and productive. It’s the perfect fit for a small businesses without a dedicated IT person as this solution automates PC security and maintenance updates that way, you can keep devices current is simple, just “set it and forget it”.

In addition, Intel Small Business Advantage includes collaboration features such as chat and file share coupled with security capabilities like the USB blocker to help keep small business owners in control of their data. The features are uniquely delivered in one unified experience, so a small business owner can focus on what matters most; protecting and growing their business.

Intel SBA screenshot

Q: Intel is working to change the way small businesses use technology. What initiatives, other than Intel SBA, that Intel is working on?

A: As a small business owner, keeping productivity high and your information safe is critical for staying ahead of the competition. As part of Intel’s mission to modernize and transform the workplace we are focused on removing the burdens of wires, improving collaboration and enhancing identity security.

We recently announced our 6th gen Intel Core vPro processor and it is our best processor ever. It sets a new standard of business productivity by offering up to 2.5x the performance, up to 3x battery life, up to 30x increase in graphics performance and up to 4x faster wake time. We have Pro WiDi for wireless display built in and optional wireless docking as well. Additionally, with Intel Small Business Advantage running on 6th generation Intel Core™ processor-based devices, you can gain the peace of mind that comes from hardware-enhanced security to help protect identities, data, and access.

Q: The big question: When should I upgrade my IT, and how to know what I should do or get?

A: That is a great question Ivan, and the simple answer is, the time to upgrade is now. For all the advancements made to facilitate mobility and productivity, businesses of all sizes are still largely relying on old technology which is not keeping pace with the way we work today. It is important to understand that older laptops can cost businesses up to $4,203 1 per year, for every three PCs, in maintenance and lost productivity.

We’ve made significant advancements across security and productivity while offering world-class business devices that represents the sleekest and most innovative designs for businesses in decades. The newest business PCs can help address this by delivering up to 2.5 times the performance and a 30-times increase in graphics performance over the average 5-year-old device. This will provide users with much more productive and powerful business tools. While it may be hard, upgrading business PCs will help drive long term productivity and savings to a business’s bottom line. SBA is free, with the purchase of system through one of our many OEM channel partners with no ongoing cost once installed. The best part is once you purchase a new system with Small Business Advantage, you unlock the ability to get companion apps for other PCs in the business and businesses mobile apps at no charge.

With the recent introduction of Windows® 10 and the 6th Gen Intel Core vPro processor family, this is a perfect time to upgrade. The result is a fantastic new operating system and Intel’s best processor ever delivering the optimum user experience. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of innovative technologies that can help grow your business. We encourage business owners to find out more by visiting www.intel.com/workplacetransformation page today to learn more about the total benefits of our solutions.

Business people using IT solutions

Q: Lastly, any tips to share on how small businesses can effectively respond to the rapidly changing world of IT?

A: Thriving as a small business owner means contending with fierce competition, rising security challenges, and countless distractions vying for your attention. We want to give you easy solutions to address these challenges. Here is what we recommend focusing on when it comes to IT.

First, Boost Your Security

Unfortunately, cybersecurity remains a huge issue and can be detrimental to a business. Earlier this month, The New York Times recently reported that more than 60 percent of online attacks target SMBs because of a lack of tools to help safeguard against these threats. It may seem impossible, but you can build a great defense against hackers in a simple way. That’s where innovative solutions and a little savvy shopping can help.

We built security features into Intel® Small Business Advantage, including USB Blocker, data backup and restore capabilities plus software monitoring to help protect your business. The simple-to-use solution puts you in control based on what makes sense for your business. The benefit is, the work to help keep your data secure happens behind the scenes, so you can focus on growing your business, not the technology.

Next, Increase Productivity

As a small business owner, keeping productivity high is critical for staying ahead of the competition. Your ultimate goal is to grow your business and be successful this year and we want to give you ways to make the most out of every hour, limit distractions and communicate more effectively. Intel® Small Business Advantage provides you a one-stop shop experience to easily connect with employees, collaborate and share files whether in the office or on the go.

We remain relentless in creating easy-to-use solutions that drive business value for our customers. That’s why we’re extremely excited to deliver a purpose-built solution with Intel Small Business Advantage to help you protect and grow your business.

Many thanks for your time, Chad!

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