How Employee Monitoring is Connected to Productivity and Profitability

As an employer, you probably find yourself tearing your hair out in frustration upon finding your employees dedicating an unacceptable amount of time to gadgets like iPhones during work hours. Every minute the latter spend on playing games, socializing, and surfing the web reduces their productivity by a considerable amount, which in turn hurts the profitability of your business.

Employee monitoring and analysis

If that wasn’t bad enough as it is, some employees may even be involved in secretly leaking sensitive information to a competitor, something that can of course make your company really bleed. This is precisely why an increasing number of companies are investing in tools to monitor their employees’ use of digital devices and the internet. Ironic as it may seem, employee monitoring solutions like StealthMate easily serve as one of the best antidotes to the adverse effects of technology in workplaces and play an integral role in maintaining desirable levels of productivity and profitability.

Let’s spend the next few minutes exploring the relation between keeping tabs on the activities, digital in particular, of employees and its connection to their productivity and the overall profitability of the company.

Pushing Employees to Set Their Priorities Straight

In a study, 67% of the employees confessed that they use company-owned devices for personal use like chatting, visiting non-worked related websites, exchanging personal emails, etc. Employees engaged in such activities tend to have a negative influence on their colleagues, which consequently takes a toll on the productivity levels. This is definitely a huge problem, but nothing that employee monitoring solutions can’t fix.

With employers keeping tabs on everything from text messages, web browsing, emails, etc., employees are likely to focus less on the screens of their iPhones and other gadgets, and more on work.

Cutting Losses Through Mitigation of Data Leakage Risk

Recently, a group of researchers found that roughly a quarter of employees take company’s sensitive information with them at the time of leaving the company. This often leads to a decrease in profitability as the company is compelled to come up with new strategies and ideas to maintain or regain their competitive advantage.

Every year, business organizations lose thousands of dollars to employee theft and data leakage, thinking that it is an unavoidable cost of running a business. Researchers, however, don’t seem to agree. According to a 2015 study conducted to find the impact of employee monitoring tools on the productivity of business, organizations can decrease data theft and leakage by up to 22% simply by monitoring the digital tracks of their employees. Not only this, it also suggested that these tools can boost company profit by up to 7%.

Putting the House in Order

A non-productive employee is a liability for any company. Monitoring the activities of such employees to identify them, along with the reasons behind their failure to perform can help employers in resolving the issue, which may include getting rid of the liability completely, i.e. termination from the company.

Employee monitoring tools making it extremely convenient to identify employees who are consistently failing to meet the expected level of performance, and seem more interested in killing time on their mobile devices and the web than doing something worthwhile for the company. This can really help in putting the house in order, while at the same time send out a loud and clear message to the entire workforce that abuse of digital privileges and lack of performance would neither go unnoticed, nor unpunished.


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