“Local” Marketing is Essential for Construction Trades

Marketing isn’t rocket science, but many companies waste time on the wrong strategies. Small roofing contractors usually service the local community, so putting a huge amount of time and effort into a flash website might not be money well spent if most of your new business is word of mouth referrals.


Building Brand Loyalty

Whilst you shouldn’t pour all of your energy into digital marketing, you do need to spend some of the budget promoting your business online. The majority of customers will do a quick search online before they hire a construction tradesman, if only to make sure there are no negative reviews.

Encourage existing customers to leave positive testimonials on your website and good reviews on social media. Social media is useful for building a customer base, so be sure to respond to feedback, good and bad, as this helps to boost customer loyalty.

Smart Sponsorship

Local marketing is important, but some methods are more cost effective than others are. It is all very well agreeing to support a local fund-raising initiative, but unless you approach the event in the right way, you could be missing out on a valuable opportunity to build your customer base.

One way to maximize your presence at local events is to get creative. Sponsoring an event is great for boosting your credibility in the community, but most people will forget who you are once the event has ended. Don’t let this happen!

Instead, hand out promotional leaflets offering discounts on your services for a finite period of time, say six months. People love a money-off deal, so they are quite likely to keep your leaflet close by, or hand it to a friend in need. Either way, for the miniscule cost of printing some leaflets, you could boost your trade over the next few months.

Business Card Promotions

Handing out business cards at every opportunity is always a good strategy. Make a point of carrying a handful of business cards with you wherever you go. That way you won’t miss an opportunity if you happen to be buying groceries and you overhear someone complaining about the fact they can’t find a decent builder to complete a construction project on their house.

Network in the Local Area

It is also sensible to cultivate a good relationship with local builder’s merchants and stores selling DIY supplies. Customers may ask for recommendations when they shop there and if the staff know you, they are more likely to put your name forward as a possible contact.

Cross Promote with Other Trades

The construction business encompasses many different trades, so it makes sense to cross promote with other local businesses. There will be plenty of scope to scratch each other’s backs: you promote their services and they recommend yours. That way everyone can work together harmoniously and enjoy more business as a result.

The better your work product, the easier it will be to build a customer base, but don’t forget to provide excellent customer service too.


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