How to Ensure Your Business is Effective at Time Management

Time management can seem like the simplest organisational skill in the world to some people, yet others struggle with it. For businesses as a whole it is incredibly important that their time management is on point, in order for it to run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Time management

Good time management within a business comes from the top. If you run a start-up, small company or big business, then you’ll want to review and improve the time management of it. As well as improving your company’s process it should also save you money in the long run. Here are a few ways to ensure your business has strong time management.


Time management is an essential leadership skill, and in some cases the only way to convey this across to your employees is through training sessions. There are many time management courses available to bring an expert in the field to your business, or you could set up your own.

Show your colleagues how much time and money is wasted through meaningless activities in the workplace. This should highlight the importance of time management and through demonstrating methods that will save individuals and the company time get the message across.


When recruiting new staff, rather than just taking their word for having good time management skills, ask for some examples. Or you could even set up a little test to see what they would prioritise and if they’d be a good fit for your company.

The recruitment process can also take up a lot of time. Rather than interviewing many candidates, use online resources such as LinkedIn and job sites to find appropriate potential staff. Ensure that CVs are thoroughly read so that time is not wasted interviewing people who will not fit the bill for your business.


There will be many jobs in your workplace that would save a lot of time if they were outsourced. Low skilled work such as cleaning and filing should be outsourced if you or some of your employees are spending time doing this, so that your efforts can be put into business aspects that will grow your company.

Highly skilled positions such as accountants and legal jobs can also be outsourced. There will be more costs involved but it ensures such jobs are being done to the best standard by experts, and frees up more time for other employees to get on with their main work which they are trained for.

Planning and Tracking

Tracking employees’ tasks each day is a good way to see where time is being wasted and make amendments to their daily schedules. Encourage them to write down every task they do in a day, how long it takes and then review them at the end of a week.

This should help with future business planning, highlighting areas that can be outsourced or time cut down on. Inspiring motivation will help too, as if employees can be self-motivated and proactive then less time will be wasted waiting around to be designated a task. Hopefully all these tips will improve the time management of your business and see it grow.


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